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Historically Black Colleges ...What They Are About And What Puposes Do They Serve

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There are more than one-hundred historically black colleges and universities in the United States today. These institutions have formed since their beginning in 1837 when their primary responsibility was to teach the slaves that got free to read and write. At the beginning of the 21st century historically Black colleges and universities began to offer African American students a place to earn a sense of identity, heritage and community. Historically black colleges and universities, also known as HBCUs, can be found in over twenty states and a majority of them can be found in the south. Although unnecessary and unacceptable to some individuals, HBCUs are culturally, historically and economically needed to others.Historically black institutions are needed in the minds of many blacks to preserve black heritage and celebrate it. There is a necessity for HBCU's based on the principle of promotion of culture. The African-American culture is one that has been done unjustly throughout history and it is continuously overlooked in the American Society. There are many reasons to continue the practice of these universities, and the first is the comfort level that many of these schools provide for their students. The majority of these schools are located in the deep south, where feelings of racism are still harbored by many of the students at the state schools. One school, The University of Mississippi has the mascot of the "Rebel." This is from a school whose state flag still consist of the confederate symbol. Which was the symbol used by the southern confederacy during the civil war. This was a fight that was fought with the intent to keep slavery as an institution in the southern portion of the United States. In areas like this where there are still these feelings, it is a lot to ask someone to forget these simple things in an effort to attend these schools, when they could attend a HBCU and feel much more comfortable, not only with the knowledge that they will not encounter these feelings, but also go through a promotion of the culture over the four years they spend at the school? The state of Georgia, home to the Atlanta University Center (AUC), which consists of four HBCU's, including two of the most prestigious Morehouse, Spelman, followed by Clark-Atlanta, and Morris Brown. The population of these schools combined is roughly twenty thousand students. There is definitely a want for these schools, as proved by the enrollment statistics. When compared to the large state schools in the state the need for these schools is clearly illustrated as you just compare the African-American numbers to that of the University of Georgia which is the largest school in the state. The school's African-American population is less than six percent; this is much lower than the average African-American population at other state Universities in the southern half of the country.Clearly the main reason for these schools existence is the promotion of the culture that they offer...

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