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History 1112 Notes On Vietnam War American Involvement Us Involvment.

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The Vietnam war by numbers*1963-1973/1954-1975*cost $170 billion*2.8 million vet*Americans killed 58,000*americans wounded 300,000*Vietnamese killed 1.5 million*4 million vietnamese refugees (25%)*explosives dropped: double ww2*area defoliated by agent orange: Massachusetts size*it was the longest war..but no official deceleration of warthe origins of the war of in vietnam"Indochina"French are in by 1880's.French colonyPart of this til the war 1 and the versailles peace conference (1919)Woodrow Wilson and ho chi MinhFirst real meeting with US and vietnam, ho chi minh asks US to help vietnam get indecence from the frenchworld war 2 and decolonizationvichy frenchIndochina is a vichy french colony. The local colonial officials make up the choice if they are free french or vichy french. They collaborate with the french. they let the Japanese come thru countryjapanese occupation(1941)French colonial officials in power but under the japaneseCommunist vietminh resistanceHo chi minh is back in vietnamese. The vietminh is defacto ally to US during this time. They let them have advisors and supplies.vietnam deceleration of independenceHandout (1945) Ho Chi Minh sees the US as a natural ally, the US should support the anti-colonialist because that is how the country started. The vietnamese declaration of independence followed te format of the US one.what kind of freedom did vietnamese get after ww2?1st Indochina wara.k.a "french war"/"anti-french war of resistance"Truman will support french and British, he wants to keep them as allies. This war happens because of the US allying with the british and the french. With US support the french take back there colony. The vietminh continue their fight. The IST indochina war becomes a guerilla war. 1950 asks for support from the US.1954:~80%The US is fighting a proxy war.battle of Dien Bien PhuFrench defeated even though they are being helped by the US. The french decide that they will now pull out from this colony and leave it since they have now lost control of the people in the colonythe partition of vietnam1954 geneva conferencePeace talks to decide what to do about vietnam17th parallelThey divide vietnam in this area. Vietminh has control of north., with ho chi minh. The pro western people are in control of the south.1956 scheduled national electionsFree and open election to see if they will go together with the vietminh or the pro western government. These elections will not happen because ho chi minh would win. And they do not want this. So the elections were postponed indefinitly."Vietnamese civil war"In the south the country is controlled by a small group of people catholic people even though the majority of the people are Buddhist. The north wants to give land to the people. The people wanted the south. The people in the south and north are both unwilling to accept the division.the escalation of American involvementTruman and Eisenhower1945 the first american is killed in vietnam, the...

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