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Todays comment on teacher’s objectives of getting students college and career ready was an interesting one at that. I understand that this is the ideal goal of educators and I feel that educators are getting students college ready, but they are not getting students career ready. A statistic I found from the U.S. Department of Labor said that approximately 7 out of 10 students graduating from high school would be attending college in the fall. That means that approximately 3 out of 10 students would be entering the workforce. In my opinion if schools want to get students college and career ready then there should be an area in the curriculum that expects students to gain at least one skill before they graduate with a diploma. What I mean by a skill is either an expertise in a health occupations skill, cooking, carpentry or even automotive. There are 3 out of 10 students that will be immediately entering the workforce and if they had a vocational skill in something, then they would at least have a little guidance in the beginning. At the vocational school in my district, some students received their CNA certificate, welding certificate and even information technology certificates. All of these certificates have some value in them. Sadly, I could not have participated in the vocational programs, since I had to take college prep classes my final two years of high school and there is an all day commitment to attending the vocational schools. I believe that these vocational skill opportunities need to be integrated into the schooling system, so all students can have an opportunity to participate in them. For four years I had learning lab every day from 1:00 P.M.-2:25 P.M., so that means throughout my high school career I had approximately 991 hours in which I could have used to gain a certificate in something. If the government wants to create students that are college...

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988 words - 4 pages against war but Eisenhower grew to see a liking for it reading his collection of history books first parked his interest in military history. His background is growing up his parent set aside special times for reading the bible daily during breakfast, and dinner. As a freshman he enrolled into Abilene High School. He had a leg infection that extended to his groin and the doctor pronounced it life threatening. The doctor was to amputate his leg but it

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913 words - 4 pages , America tried to stay out of the war as much as possible. But, when Germany declared war on America on December 11, 1941, America had a shortage of soldiers. So, they pulled thousands of Japanese-Americans from internment camps and sent them out to war. When they returned, they were the most decorated and heroic unit in American history. Yet, they were still ostracized. The treatment and internment of the Japanese-American people during World

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1607 words - 6 pages Booze, cigarettes, sex, beer, curses, affairs, abuse, paint: All of those are factors in Jackson Pollock's life, however, one stands out above all as the most important one, paint. America's greatest painter, born in Cody, Wyoming on January 28, 1912, had a deeper connection to this colorful, flowing liquid than anyone else in history. Blood did not run through his veins, but oil and pigment, tar and sand did. He became something else while he

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1242 words - 5 pages This generation is severely lacking cultural diversity. The United States school system feeds its students “American History,” but some believe it has only educated them on a few main points in history, and most of them have been from the view point of Euro-Centric America, and not the Melting Pot America is. There is so much to American history that even Americans are not aware of, however this generation is so consumed with celebrities

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1256 words - 5 pages most important documents ever written, but the idea of slavery, especially the harsher Western view, was a heavy price to pay in retrospect. If we had it to do again, would Americans make that same choice? I think not, but we owe it to history to study it and not let such things occur again. Bibliography: Books: 1) Niven, John, Martin Van Buren: The Romantic Age of American Politics (Oxford University

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1063 words - 5 pages novels, which are selective remembrance of the past and the "antithesis" (p. 442) of authentic history. William Cooper's Town spreads over a variety of strengths, one being the way Taylor uses his factual material to his advantage. Taylor explicates limpidly the intricate maneuverings by which upstart Cooper, a New Jersey wheelwright of Quaker birth, seized control in 1786 of the Otsego Patent, an primitive sector of some 40,000 acres in central

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789 words - 3 pages 442). In 1990-4, Orwell, his mother, and his older sister moved to England leaving Orwell's father on his own in India until he retired in 1911. Orwell continued his education at "St. Cyprian's Preparatory School under the regime of Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes," which he later brutally portrayed in his novel Such, Such Were the Joys" ("Orwell," The Oxford Companiion 516). After leaving school, he joined the "Imperial Indian

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1009 words - 5 pages front end. Bar codes are worth the effort of properly setting up a system to achieve the desired outcomes. Works Cited Amsel-Arieli, M. (2012). Bar codes. History Magazine. 12(5), 6-7. ASHP Statement of Bar-Code Verification During Inventory, Preparation, and Dispensing of Medications. (2011). American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 68 (5), 442-445. doi: 10.2146/sp100012 Bellis, M. (2014). About.com inventors. Retrieved from http

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894 words - 4 pages people so mean?” (Aaron pg. 442). The tone of the quote is sad, representing a child asking his father why white people treat black's so unjust and unfair. How would you try to change racism if your son asked you this question? King explains, “Im tired of taking a cross country drive and find it necessary to sleep night after night in the uncomfortable corners of your automobile because no motel will accept you!” This textual evidence

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929 words - 4 pages Michelangelo was great in every aspect of art. "He was celebrated as the greatest artist ever because of his great work in the areas of sculpting, painting, draughtman, architecture, and poetry" (Tazartes 431). He has painted many great paintings and wrote many poems in his life. He is known for being a central figure in the history of art (Tazartes 431). Michelangelo is one of the greatest artist of all time because he was able to change his

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