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The Puritans In Massachusetts Bay Colony

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The Puritans were a religious group from England in the 1630s who settled in the New England area. There Colony was known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Foner, 2012). The Puritans ran the show and they had a strict religion full of rules that they believed would reform the Church of England. The Puritans felt that they were like the ancient Israelites in Exodus when they were liberated by God (PBS, 2010). They had to establish a new, pure Christian common wealth. Their leader John Winthrop reminded them of their duties and obligations under the covenant (PBS , 2010). If they honored them then God bless them and if they failed, they would be reprimanded. They had many different ideas on what was holy and what not (PBS , 2010) . They thought that women have inherited Eve’s original sin so they could be as good as men (PBS , 2010). Also because of this woman could not be trusted because of their sinful ways (PBS , 2010). They were the root of all problems in the world and on men can fix them. Also on an elect few could join the church and they were the men at the center of Puritan society (Foner , 2012) . The ones who could join were the ones allowed to vote in the colony (PBS , 2010). Church attendance was mandatory for both man and women (PBS , 2010). If you did not attend it could be punished for it was a crime in their society. They did not allow any musical instruments to be played in or outside of church (Foner , 2012). They also saw Native America, European settlers of other faiths and unpredictable natural disasters as forms of the devil himself (PBS , 2010). Now during this time period most people did believe in withes. The Puritans saw them as the embodiment of the devil. Since they felt the Devil was most interested in them because they were dedicated to destroying evil and witches was one of his favorite ways or attacking them.

First thing to know there are two Salems, Salem town and Salem village. Salem Town was a bustling seaport. It had wealthy merchants and they were the ones who decided crop prices and they collected the taxes of the Village (Discovery ). Salem village was mostly farmers who made their living cultivating crops and selling to Salem Town. This did create a divide between people in the Town and Village (Discovery ).Abigail Williams and Betty Paris and some of the local girls, one who was Ann Putnam Jr, the Daughter of one of Samuel Paris biggest supporters started to let Tituba teach them her Caribbean voodoo (Saari, 2001). One day the girls decided to try one of Tituba’s voodoo fortune-telling tricks (Saari, 2001). Now before all the hysteria started the girls surly the girls knew any acts of witch craft was wrong because from a young age they are taught to fallow the same rules as adults in Puritan society (Saari, 2001). Betty and Abigail most likely experience emotional pressure to act proper due to that face they lived with Reverend Paris.
The witch hunt started in January when the girls decided...

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