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Greece has many family traditions and customs celebrated by the whole Greek culture. A religious saint is what most Greeks are named after. An important tradition in the Greek culture is the name day celebration. In Greece name day is celebrated instead of celebrating birthdays. This is when anyone who was named after a saint celebrates their name on a given day of the year. On name day friends and family visit the person without an invitation and offer them wishes and small presents. Carnival is another festivity held in Greece. The carnival in Greece is called “Apokries” and consists of two weeks of feast. This begins the Sunday of Meat Fare and ends on the first day of Lent, which is also called Clean Monday. Everyone celebrating this event dresses in costumes. The celebration takes place in the streets and bars in which the people throw colored confetti at each other. The city of Patray is where the most famous Carnival Parade takes place. This celebration is believed to have come from paganism. Clean Monday, which was mentioned above also called Lent Monday, is the first day of Lent and families go for picnics in the country and fly kites. (Greece Traditions)
Greek Independence day is also celebrated by all the Greeks. This is a day in which the Independence War against the Ottomon’s on March 25, 1821 is celebrated. This day is also a religious celebration in which the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. The most important celebration in the Greek culture is Easter. For this celebration women dye eggs red and bake buns either on Good Thursday or Good Saturday. On Good Friday the tomb of Christ is decorated with flowers and taken out of the church for a procession around the Village. After the procession is over believers return to the church and kiss the image of Christ. Holy Saturday is when everybody attends church and celebrates that Christ has risen. Candles are passed around, fireworks are thrown, and bells ring continuously. The Good Saturday family dinner takes place after midnight. (Greece Traditions)
Family Structure
In Greece, living in rural and urban areas means that different types of family live with each other. Families who live in rural areas often live with extended family, while Greeks who live in urban areas live with a nuclear family. Greeks who live in rural areas do...

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