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Penicillin is an Antibiotics; Penicillin is also known as the miracle drug. In the year 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin when clearing up old petri dishes from a previous lab experiment at St. Mary’s hospital in London. Alexander had found mould had contaminated one of his experiment, he then experiments and found that the mould was in fact an antibacterial agent that could kill many harmful bacteria. Around the mould there was a clean area around the mould and this was when Fleming knew he had discovered something new.
In 1938 Howard Florey and Ernst Chain at Oxford University had decided to carry on investigating penicillin because they had come across an article about Alexander and his findings. Penicillin was then used on a police officer who was suffering from blood poisoning where it was working. However, they didn’t have enough of the drug for the police officer to recover the police officer past away because of the lack of the drug supplied for the patient.
This was when they started to mass produce of the penicillin and send it to the Allied soldiers to be treated because they were dying because of their wounds during the war they had past away because of the infections that they had though there wounds. This was when the drug company which names have not been mentioned to due the different drug companies who had started to mad the penicillin. They had started and after fours year there was a mass producing penicillin in the year 1943 and when world wide to fight many disease.
There are many different examples of penicillin that are used today which are called Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Dicloxacillin, Piperacillin and Penicillin D. The way penicillin works is that because penicillin is an antibiotic it destroys Bacteria by destroying the cell wall of the microorganism.
The way the body gets rid of the antibiotics is that it is processed by the liver where the body can get rid of the drug though the urine and or bile, or even though the sweat and other secretions, but the drug can still stay in the tissues of the body.
Penicillin can be administered orally by making it into tablets, capsules or syrup form. It can also come in a topical form for example creams, lotions, sprays and drops. Penicillin can also come in the form of injection and they also have a technique where an infusion through a drip, directly into the blood or a muscle.
Penicillin affects the area where the infection is on the body meaning an ear infection they may be given a tablet that they must take twice a day to kill the infection from the inside to the out. However, there can also be a cream provided so it can be rubbed on the infection that is on the body...

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