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History And Future Of Mobile Devices

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The purpose of this essay is to analyse the development of a technology and predict what this technology will be like in the future, and I have chosen to evaluate mobile devices. The development of mobile devices have already had a major development in the last decade and can only progress more in the next decade. In today's society it is hard to find someone that doesn't own a mobile device. The first mobile device to emerge was the mobile phone which allowed people to communicate through a wireless device which weighed just under 800 grams and cost a little less then $4,000 and today a mobile phone can weigh as little as 70 grams and cost as little as $30 from a local supermarket. Mobile ...view middle of the document...

These features led to many known mobile phones of today like the blackberry's, the Apple iPhone's and the Samsung's and while so many different technologies were attached to mobile phones in the 2000's, most mobile phones only had one special feature about them whether it was having bluetooth or an fm radio and now mobile phones integrate all these features on one device.
With mobile devices becoming a relevant resource for education, never has it been easier for a question to be answered with millions of online resources, applications and also online peer-to-peer learning through the internet. There is now over 120,000 educational apps between both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store which cover every aspect of education. Schools are starting to use iPad's for education. Ben Johnson (2012) uses this example to show how iPad's are transforming the classroom:
The exemplar explains how students are able to quickly and easily search for
education in third-world countries can be optimised a significant amount.
Today mobile phones and tablets have access to app...

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