History And Influence Of Potato Chips

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Ask yourself a question, what is the most popular food in the world? Probably, the first of what you will think about is round crisp pizza, or maybe you will try more simply and guess it could be pasta and lasagna, or will travel with your mind to the East and think of sushi and roasted rice, or will move to something sweet like donuts, ice cream and chocolate. There are as many answers as people on our beautiful planet. Nowadays, the variety of food we can choose from can satisfy every single taste. Almost every country has its own cuisine which contains some delicious dishes that make it unique. However, how do specialists, who create that food ratings, process the data they gathered? In order to make an authentic results, I think, they should ask all people around the world without any exception. That is really hard to achieve, but we can think about popular food in some other way which considers that the word popular doesn’t always mean the best. This is where potato chips take its winning place. They became very widespread around the world due to its huge variety of addictive crisp tastes, relatively cheap prices and simplicity of consuming. We can buy potato chips in every supermarket and grocery store, and even in non-shopping places like colleges and work offices where it’s possible to get a pack of tasty crisp chips using automatic vending machines. There is no reason to speak about their popularity in USA, and the situation on other four continents is alike. In Europe without any doubt they are loved as much as in USA. In Australia they are even more popular than biscuits. In South America and Asia potato chips are also widespread snacks with a specific tastes to suit the population. Around the world, people eat potato chips on benches while waiting for a bus or a train, during breaks at work and schools, in front of TVs watching movies and series or simply when they are a little hungry. Everybody loves potato chips, and it makes them very popular.
The first potato chips recipe was created not far from us in New York State in 1853. In that year, many rich American people often spent time at the Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs. One of the guests of the town was Cornelius Vanderbilt, a leading millionaire financier of those days. Besides his important status, he was very strict and exact about his requirements concerning the boardroom and the dining room. The chef of the Moon Lake Lodge was George Crum, a Native American and former jockey, and who could be compared to Cornelius in his kitchen exacting. One day at the lodge, Vanderbilt ordered sliced potatoes with his dinner, but when he received his order the reaction of a millionaire wasn’t great. He argued that the potatoes were cut too thick, and due to his strictness about things and his wish for everything to be done as he want, the chef had to make another serving for financier and to recut potatoes. Crum found his sharpest knife and decided to “slice them so thin that...

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