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Cats are anything but tedious and nondescript; in fact, cats are one of the most riveting subjects to peruse. They are variegated in different shapes, sizes, and breeds. The history of the cat is a very fascinating matter, as cats date back hundreds of years. The Physical Anatomy of the cat is also rather compelling. There are also some rather odd facts about cats that are also very noteworthy, for example, a person who loves cats is called an “ailurophile”. As you can see, cats are quite the topic, and a very interesting one at that.

The Felis Catus, or cat, is a 4-legged mammal on the planet Earth. There are two main types of cats: shorthaired and longhaired. Longhaired breeds include the Turkish Van, Maine Coon, and Persian. Shorthaired breeds include Somali, Snowshoe, and Singapura. There are over 100 distinct domestic breeds of cat! Contrary to popular belief, Tabby and Calico cats are not breeds they are color patterns. The cat is known as a symbol for health, kindness, faith, marriage and luck. An interesting fact about cats is that they choose with whom they bond with and cats meow to communicate with humans, not other cats. A fact that most people in Naples don’t know is that cats are not humans. Sometimes if cats are in a group they will try to out pee each other. A group of cats is called a “clowder” and a group of kittens is called a “kindle”. Cats are known to appease stress in their owners, and their owners are prone to live longer, have lower blood sugar, and fewer heart attacks. Most cats are known for their rather elusive behaviour. Though many cats seem rather torpid and stagnant, lots of cats are rather vivacious. There are many people in which are allergic to cats, though there are only three types of cat allergies: food allergies, topical dermatitis, and immune related skin problems. Speaking of cat food, most middle-aged cats enjoy catnip. Domestic cats are never mentioned in the Bible. Sir Isaac Newton is the credited inventor of the cat door. Many cats enjoy playing with boxes (or sleeping in them). When cats go to the bathroom they instinctually bury their feces to cover their trails from predators. Cats spend lots of their time sleeping. They spend 12-14 hours of a day sleeping. 7% of cats snore. Kittens sleep a lot because growth hormones are only released during sleep. Cats actually spend most of their lifetime sleeping. Some cats purr while they sleep. Scientists are not actually sure what causes the purring of a cat. All cats can meow, but not all the time. Some cats are very loquacious, whereas others are more silent. That’s some cat trivia I bet you didn’t know.

Cats have lived with mortals for over 12,000 years. Egyptians thought of the cats as sages and worshiped them as deities. They were the first to domesticate cats. When a cat died in Egypt family members mourned by shaving off eyebrows, holding elaborate funerals, drinking wine, and beating their breasts. In Egypt killing cats was punishable by death....

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