History And Information On Mysterious New Zealand

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New Zealand is a country enveloped in mystery and excitement. New Zealand is an island in southern Oceania. It is called NZ for short. The capital city is Wellington, and the vast majority of the people speak English. According to the CIA World Factbook, New Zealand has a population of about 4,365,113 citizens as of July 2013. There are many different prospects to the land, society, and economical systems of New Zealand.
New Zealand has a rich history. It was first settled in 1200 A.D. by a group of people called the Maori. The Maori brought foods such as yams, kumara, and taro. An explorer named Abel Tasman was the first European to see New Zealand on December 13, 1642. The next explorer to ...view middle of the document...

New Zealand imports electronics, petroleum, machinery, aircraft, vehicles, textiles, and plastics. They are imported from China, Australia, The US, Japan, Singapore, and Germany. They export fish, meat dairy, wood, and machinery to Australia, China, Japan, and The US. A lot of the exports depend on the climate and geography in order to thrive.
New Zealand’s land and climate vary a lot. It is in an island in Oceania. It has an area of 267,710 square kilometers, making it the 76th biggest country in the world. The location of New Zealand makes it very prone to Earthquakes. The climate is temperate. Summer has an average temperature of about 73 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter rarely goes below 40 degrees. Hot winds make the east coast warmer. The warm weather prevents the locals from eating very rich and fatty foods.
New Zealand’s food is very fresh and healthy. Common foods to find at lunch and dinner are seafood and fresh vegetables. Red meat such as beef, pork, and lamb is declining in popularity, taking a back seat to poultry. New Zealanders think very highly of their cheese and ice cream. It is extremely rich. Unlike in the US, it is proper for the hands and ankles to be kept above the table during meals. It isn’t required to tip your waiter at restaurants, though you can often find a tip jar. Where ever you can find food you can find recreation, too.
New Zealanders have lots of fun too. The...

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