History And What Is Teaches Us

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"History teaches that history teaches us nothing". These are the words of the great German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Whilst forming my response to these remarkable words, I stumbled upon the words of many other laureates, intellectuals and philosophers, who have also challenged the reasoning and thought of man. And through the words of these individuals I tried to make sense of this astute pun. This pun is blatantly harsh. And after much realization I have concluded that it is also blatantly true.We keep miscalculating decisions decade after decade. Moronically, it would appear, we repeat our past deeds that have failed. This is evident, whether it's creating the sequel to a bad movie or the decision to invade another country. We simply don't learn. Do we repeat our actions because we are too arrogant to remember the faults of our past or in hope that they will turn out differently? The answer to that is a whole debate in itself.It is often said that learning from ones mistakes is easier said than done. Take the Second World War for example. More than 20 years had passed since the first one had killed a bunch of people, when a new generation of pompous politicians and bureaucrats, many of them knowing and remembering a great deal of history, followed and even more destructive course that killed over sixty million men and women. They would have probably claimed that they had exhausted all other options and therefore, declaring war seemed liked the most reasonable thing to do. This is an example of repetitive behavior that illustrates human beings inability to learn anything from...

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What is History. Essay

655 words - 3 pages The meaning of history varies from person to person. I am going to tell you what the word history means to me, as well as how history affects society, and what roles historians play in this.My idea of history is a way of remembering the past, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes as people of earlier times made and plan for the future. Through the mistakes of people from the past, we can learn what not to do. I think this is best stated

What is History Essay

698 words - 3 pages Review of What is History by Edward Hallet CarrSubmitted byMark John Stewart CampbellStudent Code W14038527Submitted toStudent Advice and Support CentreNorthumbria University NewcastleAs part of the requirements for the assignment due for module course titledHistory BA (Hons)HI 0412 Making HistoryFor historians, What is History? has been contemplated as one of the greatest historical books published in Britain within twentieth century. When

What is History?

584 words - 2 pages or how many religions and governments prospered in specific regions. It is important that we learn as much as we can about other cultures and their history, in doing so, it can help us to better understand where some of the influences we have adopted originated. We live in a nation that is made possible by the past successes of our governments, religious beliefs, and scientific knowledge. All have their origin in history, the problems we face now

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4790 words - 19 pages What is world history? Bruce Mazlish contends that "world" history, as opposed to "global" history, is the study of systemic processes of interaction among diverse peoples, best typified by the work of William H. McNeill. By contrast, "global" history is the history of globalization, a process that Mazlish argues did not begin to occur on a significant scale until at least the 1950s, and, more plausibly, the 1970s. Citing prominent economic

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1083 words - 4 pages What is History? The definition of history, is a question which has sparked international debate for centuries between the writers, readers, and the makers of history. In the words of acclaimed historian Edward Gibbon, "History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind." A more romantic view on the subject was taken by Cicero. He said, "History is the witness that testifies the passing of

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1749 words - 7 pages , Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.On Feb 9th, 1861, The Confederate States of America is "declared" and Jefferson Davies is named its president. He is an accomplished soldier, former West Point graduate and former US army officer. On April 12 1861, Confederate soldiers attacked Fort Sumpter in Charleston, South Carolina. This attack marked the beginning of 5years of bitter, merciless conflict.Abraham Lincoln was against slavery. (He

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828 words - 4 pages , Quinn discusses his stories with us through parable and allusion so we (the readers) can identify better with what he’s telling us, creating images in our head that we can relate to and understand very easily. The legends he describes become clear and vivid in the way he tells his versions of the truth. All the different tribes and cultures Quinn describes give the impression that what he is saying is true because they tie so closely to what we’ve heard and learned from when we were young. Creating questions in our minds, making us wonder if his accounts of history hold any truths and if they do, what should we do about it, if anything?

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3226 words - 13 pages your group, the larger the quantity in the group the less powerful the effect or influence.The one thing we must remember is that public compliance which is how we act in public due to social influences does not mean we necessarily believe in what we are being a part of. That the group and its influences may convince us unconsciously to go along with the group to define reality in ambiguous situations. However public compliance does not guarantee

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2617 words - 10 pages Discuss the ways in which the history of border societies has been shaped by the economic relationship between Mexico and the U.S. Evaluate the positive and negative outcomes of this for both countries.The U.S Mexico border region before the 1800's was a barren expanse of land that stretched between two oceans. Before this time there was little or no natural resources to promote or aid any kind of large population settlement, '[...] it was

To Kill A Mockingbird - Relate three incidents where Atticus teaches his children a valuable lesson and explain the important lesson which is learnt. (focus on moral values)

2582 words - 10 pages hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a Mockingbird."The mockingbird symbolizes these characters because it does not have its own song. Whereas, the bluejays are loud and obnoxious, the mockingbird only sings other bird's songs. The mockingbird is seen through the other birds. The people of Maycomb only knew Boo Radley and Tom Robinson by what others said about them. These characters due to stereotypes, isolation and intolerance, are

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783 words - 3 pages What can Sachsenhausen teach us about the past, and how effective is the site as a source?I didn't think it would be right to leave Germany without visiting a concentration camp. Luckily during the Berlin culture and language trip, we were able to do so. On my second day in Berlin, we boarded a coach to go to Sachsenhausen. You can also take the S-Barn from to Oranienburg, and from there, it is a 20-minute walk to the former camp. Similar to the

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