History And Nutritional Value Of Barley World History I Research Paper

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Sykes 1
Nathan Sykes
Mr. Hale
World History I
January 31, 2018
Barley: A Memoir
Barley (Hordeum vulgare), play a very important role in the history of the human species.
It was originally harvested alongside the beginning of domesticated wheat. The history of barley
is a very interesting one, from the natural distribution of barley throughout the eastern
hemisphere (places like Egypt, Tibet, and more), to the manual distribution by the Dutch in the
1600s to northern Europe. In addition, it has several very important health benefits. Barley’s
good fiber count allows it to lower the risk of assorted heart diseases when eating it. Due to its
high concentration of beta glucan, it lowers cholesterol. Finally, it can lower the risk of Type II
Diabetes, or provide a healthy food choice for people who have already been diagnosed with
Type II Diabetes. Barley is a very important food source that is used by humans on a daily basis,
from when it began being farmed, to the present day. It has plenty of contributions to the Big
History storyline.
Barley was first confirmed to be grown in the Middle East, prior to 10,000 BC. Since rich
farmers could afford to grow wheat, poor farmers grew and ate barley instead. Early farmers
used it in a soup-like concoction, or used it to bake bread. It was also reported that early-style
beer was being made using barley. Barley farming then spread to North Africa and Egypt around
8,500 BC, and then to the area which is now Sudan, at around 5,000 BC. Greece and Italy saw
Sykes 2
the first of barley in 7,000 BC, while Northern Europe received it at around 5,000 B.C. After
Northern Europe is India, at 6,000 BC, then it went to China, during 3,000 B.C. China is a bit
interesting in my opinion because they only used barley for strictly beer, nothing else. I guess
they felt they had enough rice to sustain themselves. By 1,000 BC, Korea had rice, and by 500
AD, the Tibetans and the Ethiopians had it as well. Finally, West Africa received it around the...

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