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Proctor and Gamble has become a household name due to their business strategy and commitment to their mission statement Proctor & Gamble Company was started by William Proctor and James Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio. William Proctor made candles and James Gamble made soap. Proctor and Gamble started making and selling their soap and candles on April 12, 1837. William Proctor and James Gamble signed a formal partnership agreement on October 31, 1837 officially starting P&G. Despite the difficult times in 1837 for stating a new business William Proctor and James Gamble launched their new enterprise. The calm approach to business demonstrated in the midst of economic hard times reflected their approach to become the hallmark of Proctor & Gamble. In the 1950 they built a new plant to house their growing business. That was the same year that they initiated the nation’s first profit-sharing program and invested in a research laboratory. The moon and Star symbol began to appear in 1950 as an unofficial trademark of Proctor & Gamble by 1960 the trademark appeared on all the company’s products. By 1859 Proctor & Gamble had reach the one million marks and employed 80 people. During the Civil War the company was awarded several contracts for the supply of soap and candles to the army. The reputation of Proctor and Gamble began to increase as soldiers returned home with their products after the war. By 1859 Proctor & Gamble had reach the one million dollar mark and employed approximately 80 people. During the 1920’s with the invention of the radio, Proctor and Gamble seen a marketing opportunity and started sponsoring on air radio programs.
Proctor & Gamble Company believed in investing heavily in their research and development. Proctor and Gamble through the process of research and development invented the soap that floats in water this was the start Ivory brand in 1980. The company spends more than any of their competitors on innovations. The company’s first management practice was started when William Proctor’s grandson started profit sharing with the company employees. In 1950, Proctor and Gamble initiated the nation’s first profit-sharing program (The Marketing Doctor). The profit sharing program allowed employees to acquire shares of the company which made them more dedicated to the company.
Because of the high demand for Proctor and Gambles products, suddenly had over capacitated the Cincinnati factory. The company started looking for new location in the United States to build new factories. In the 1950 they built a new plant to house their growing business and invested in a research laboratory. The research labs were busy as the new plants with the innovative of new products and this began the start of the diversity of the company’s products.
In 1930 Proctor & Gamble started the first overseas subsidiary with the purchase of the Thomas Hedley & Co. Ltd in England. The company began development of new products, in 1946 Tide was introduced and in...

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