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CC HPI When symptoms started? How? Severity, intensity, duration? Has it moved? Radiation? Positioning, does it get better or worse in certain body positions? Modality or Tx- ie: Pharm Ever feel like this before? PMH Only that which has been medically dx and tx. Immunizations Substance abuse CAGE, HALT, BUMP, FATAL DT Diet Sleep patterns Allergies Medications Compliance? EH Where pt works and activities at work and home? Exposure to Haz Mat, where pt lives, hobbies? FH Genetic Hx of dz Where did pt grow up? (urban, rural) Hx of family illnesses Psychosocial Hx Pt education, life experiences, religious beliefs (in assoc w/ healthcare beliefs)? Where do they liveOthers living w/ pt SH Smoking Pack Yrs- # packs/day x # yrs smoking Drinking Drugs Excersize Sexual, Reproductive, and Gyn Hx Is pt sexually active? Type of sexual practices? Has pt ever been emotionally, physically, or sexually abused? If female, Menarche Regularity, duration, # of tampons used each day at heaviest flow? Pregnancies, deliveries, abortions (spontaneous or induced) If male Ability to procreate? ROS General Usual state of health Fever Chills Usual wt Change in weight Weakness Fatigue Sweats Heat or cold intolerance Hs of anemia Bleeding tendencies Blood transfusions and possible rxn Exposure to radiation Skin Rashes Itching Hives Easy bruisability Hx of eczema Dryness Changes in skin color Changes in hair texture Changes in nail texture, appearance Hx of previous skin disorders Lumps Use of hair dyes Head Dizziness Headaches Pain Fainting Hx of head injury Stroke Eyes Use of eyeglasses Current vision Change in vision Double vision Excessive tearing Pain Recent eye exams Pain when looking at light Unusual sensations Redness Discharge Infections Hx of glaucoma Cataracts, Injuries Ears Hearing impairment Use of hearing aid Discharge Dizziness Pain Ringing in ears Infections Nose Nosebleeds Infections Discharge Frequency of colds Nasal obstruction Hx of injury Sinus infections Hay fever Mouth and Throat Condition of teeth Last dental appointment Condition of gums Bleeding gums Frequent sore throats Burning of tongue Hoarseness Voice changes Postnasal drip Neck Lumps Goiter Pain on movement Tenderness Hx of swollen glands Thyroid trouble Chest Cough Pain Shortness of breath Sputum prod (quan and appearance) Tuberculosis Asthma Pleurisy Bronchitis Coughing up bld Wheezing Last x-ray Last test for tb Hx of bacilli Calmette- Guérin vaccine Cardiac Chest pain High bld pressure Palpitations Shortness of breath w/exertion Shortness of breath while sleeping (sudden) Hx of heart attack Rheumatic fever Heart murmur Last ECG Other tests for heart fxn Vascular Pain in legs, calves, thighs, or hips...

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1051 words - 4 pages The Latin expression "Mens sana in corpora sano" ("A sound mind in a sound body") dates back to ancient times but physical education has not always been viewed as important and attitudes towards it have changed many times in the history of human civilization. For example, in ancient Greece training of the body was considered equally as important as training of the mind; however, after the fall of ancient civilizations physical activity for a

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1222 words - 5 pages divided into lecture and hands-on clinicals and labs. The classes you would need to take include anatomy and physiology, biology, the history and philosophy of rehabilitation, human growth and development, chemistry, and psychology. Students will also learn physical therapy techniques which may include “massage, therapeutic exercise, and heat and cold therapy” (Physical Therapy Assistants). Because a physical therapist is a healthcare provider and

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1656 words - 7 pages Trampolines in math class, soccer in Spanish class, and capture the flag in history class? Sounds like a fun way to learn right? It is! The fun of correlating physical activity and movement with all ranges of classes is one of the reasons why interdisciplinary teaching is one of the successful forms of teaching. What is interdisciplinary teaching? Interdisciplinary teaching is a style of teaching that integrates two or more subjects into a

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1528 words - 7 pages created to enable teachers to change lessons and delivery to help students achieve and meet their own needs within the NCPE (Fitzgerald and Stride 2012; Vickerman and Coates 2009). In the history of Inclusion, Extra Curricular Physical Education (ECPE) has been a widely discussed topic. Penny and Harris (1997) extensively examined extra curricular provision with a main focus on inclusion. It was suggested that students such as ‘young non

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771 words - 4 pages The invention of the light bulb, considered one of the largest technological advances in the past 200 years, became a stepping stone towards technologies that have vital uses in today’s society. Eli Whitney’s cotton machine reduced the amount of labor slaves had to perform on plantations. On the other hand, gaming gadgets have taken over many people’s lives. Throughout history, new and improved systems have often times either aided or reduced

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665 words - 3 pages Investigating Australia’s Physical Environments“No country in the world is the same as another, but Australia is particularly rich in characteristics and features that make it unique.” Australia has a very different climate, landforms, fauna, flora, soil and indigenous communities. All these factors contribute to Australia’s uniqueness.Australia’s climate is unique due to its extremes. Due to its size, the cold ocean

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1768 words - 8 pages Therapist can also choose to specialize in specialties orthopedics (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014). As a Physical Therapist one would have many duties and responsibilities to complete throughout the day and their career. Once a one is referred a new patient they typically review the previous doctors notes and the patients’ history (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014). Then by observing the patients movements and listening to their apprehensions