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History And Scope Of The Social Sciences

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The social sciences have and will continue to be in the future will play an important role in studying and solving problems for both society and its individuals. The disciplines that it encompass vary widely but often need to come together to solve issues and study certain facets of humanity. For my personal use social science is a tool to better understand others, be more sensitive to issues that people may face and to anticipate the way people and society may act in certain situations. A social science lens can be productive in that it helps people be more indiscriminate though understanding people and their behavior. I hope to use the socials sciences to impact other people’s lives in a ...view middle of the document...

It highlights the fact that the social sciences are a collection of disciplines
The collaboration aspect is one of the most important pieces, this allows experts in different scientific fields to collaborate. The different disciplines work in their area of expertise, which allows for individuals to focus on the field that they specialize in. For example, if social scientist are working on a ancient egyptian site where they may be exhuming artifacts and bodies there may be 5-10 different disciplines working on the same project (Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Historians etc.) With so many varying fields, it allows for scientists to focus on the subject that is pertinent to their expertise or interest, with some focusing on behavioral aspects and other focusing on societal function (past, present and future). If somebody can be more interested in their work than, it leads to someone being more passionate about their own work, in turn making the work presumably more meaningful.
The social sciences are a cross roads of disciplines, it is where ideological study and natural sciences meet, to create a set of disciplines that ask questions, ponder, research and problem solve. The social sciences migrated away from philosophy and theology when both qualitative and quantitative data was introduced and used effectively and worked into the study. This allowed evidence to prove and speak for the theories and evidence, data is key in proving most point to anyone, especially the natural scientists who believe that the scientific method is a must. By taking the scientific method and applying it to these philosophical and theological ideals it allowed these men and women the title of scientists or better yet social scientists. Social science was originally ridiculed by those of the natural science community, but now we live in an age where seemingly they must work together. You look at a modern medical study that looks to narrow it down to a limited number of subjects, a certain set set of medical issues, a certain socioeconomic background and a certain ethnic background. A doctor our neuroscientist isn't looking to do all that footwork themselves. That is the role a social scientist, to...

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