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History And Success Of Amazon Inc.

856 words - 3 pages, Inc Company started in 1994 and featured online in 1995. The company has done extremely well in the market achieving remarkable success. Initially, Amazon was known as Cadabra. Inc. however, the name of the company changes when the owners of the company knew that people confused the name for cadaver. Jeff Bezos is credited for founding the company. The company has its base in the United States of America as a multinational e-commerce company. Its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. It has been rated as the largest online retailing company, in the entire world. It has close to three times the sales revenue that staples, Inc made as a runner up, in January 2010 (Shire, 2008).
Amazon has recorded a magnificent success in its business throughout the years that it has been in operation. It has attracted almost all people to use it when necessary. Amazon has built its success in business methodically and slowly. Amazon has made much success because of its ability to read market trends and diversify its operations. It started as an online book selling company. However, it changed its operations and started selling other products. Currently, many large retail shops use Amazon to host and power their websites, for instance, sears and virgin megastores. Amazon now attracts over fifty million visitors in a period of one month. Amazon has tried to make their services fit each individual user. It has based its services on the end user. It has shipping discounts, customer product reviews and a credit card with bonuses. It also has prime membership, product forums and 1-click ordering system among other services. The company has tried to make a remarkable experience for customers and visitors (Thomas, 2006).
Amazon used APIs to create an ecosystem of customers around its application. Amazon has nine hundred thousand affiliate companies. This has improved their success because customers find almost every product in Amazon. The prices of the products at Amazon are manageable. They have a long tail economic principle and an easy way to find products. The website is simple to use and its appearance does not make things difficult for customers. Amazon has made the order process simple and easy to follow. Amazon has used measurement and objectivity to differentiate the good from the bad. They expose customers to several choices. This has helped them know methods that work outstandingly. The company makes decisions from those tests (, 2007).
Amazon has also made proper use of information technology, for its success. Amazon got rid of HiPPO`S (highest paid people). The company used web analytics techniques. They...

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