History And Tradition Of Metropolises Essay

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How much does the urban fabric reveal about how faithful metropolises are to their history and tradition? Is there a universal language of the 21st century?
This investigation is a result of a question anyone can have when visiting or living in one of the world’s metropolis in the 21st century.
In order to be able to analyze it certain ‘case studies’ cities will be clearly chosen. New York and London are two of the largest and most famous cities in the world and their distinct architectural language and urban culture have often been portrayed through the arts and everyday life. The high and continuously growing number of habitats they attract, the cultural fusion, the areas of dense living and making (residential and business activity) make the metropolises of the 21st century ‘the place to be’.
For us to be able to talk about the certain modernity or sense of tradition they enclose we will first look at the two ...view middle of the document...

In this way, we will be able to analyze the issue of bio architecture from within; we will treat the issue as a completely localized matter at each case (London and New York). Photographs taken from both metropolises will be presented.
Modern - Green architecture will now have established itself as a ‘defining trend’ of the metropolis within the essay while tradition seems to have mainly touristic purposes. Green architecture is a sustainable procedure of green building design; it is design and construction with the environment in mind. In general, green architects collaborate with the key concepts of creating an energy effective, environmentally friendly house. The natural ecology of the planet should be the model for architects in order to use as a model for a green development. Architecture can model itself on the planetary system to reproduce the biological ‘green’ environment, making a new building, or changing an old building, both environmentally friendly, which materials used and the space it inhabited, and as well as the energy efficient.
On the other hand, bio-architecture is a combination of art and science of designing and constructing areas, which generate, sustain and intensify life and living conditions. Being in need of knowledge of living systems, unprocessed harmonics and fractal geometric connections revealing a structure, shape, pattern, balance and symmetry. Bio-architecture implicates the use of natural materials, green technology and properly talented and experienced labor.
is the voice of the business (not sociable and moral), of the strong and the environmental concern. At this point in the investigation a certain moral issue will be raised about whether green architecture should be the descendent of tradition, as it is not completely localized. The reinvention of tradition should result to a more site-specific solution that is accurately environmentally and ethically friendly. Furthermore the relationship between design and tradition, in other words the level at which tradition has formed design lines around us, will be studied compared to the less stable-clearly defined relationship between green architecture and local culture.

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