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I first interviewed my mother. She was 29 years old at the time of 9/11, living in Arizona. She was getting ready for work/school and turned on the news like she did every other morning. Of course, this terrible event was all over the news and at the point when she turned it on, the first plane had hit the tower and it was being reported as an “accident.” At first, she believed the pilot may have suffered a heart attack or other medical condition while controlling the plane, therefore losing control and flying into the tower. She was sadden by this, thinking it an accident. But her sorrow quickly turned to grief as she watched the second plane hit the other tower. We thankfully did not have ...view middle of the document...

She says today she is still bothered about how everything went down and he’s body being disposed of in the sea and even wonders, he is really dead? The image of 9/11 that always comes to her mind are the pictures of the people jumping for the windows of the Twin Towers and the horror they must have experienced in those final moments. Using the analogy of being without a “crystal ball,” my mother doesn’t believe it’s possible to present terrorist attacks. She does, however, believe security measure have been put in place for air travel to try and prevent a repeat of 9/11. Unfortunately, she says terrorists are capable of carrying out attacks in other ways that we have not thought out. She personally would like to see our country quit “meddling” so much in other country’s “business.” She believes we as humans does have a responsibility to help resolve conflicts in other countries and help those that cannot help themselves. However, she thinks our government officials spent more time carrying out “personal” vendettas rather than protecting and doing what is best for our country.
I next interviewed my step-father. He was 45 when the attack happened. That morning he was up watching the news at his home in Idaho, as he did every morning. He saw “Breaking News” flashing across the screen, stating that one of the Twin Towers was on fire. It was then confirmed that the tower had been hit by a plane. My step-dad did not think much of it, just thought it to be a terrible accident. However, as the news reporter carried on, he and the rest of the world watched as a second plane came speed towards the next tower and crashed into it. His initial reaction was shocked and he watched as the news reporter and people became hysterical. As much as he wanted to learn more about what happened, he had to leave for work. When he arrived at work, his co-workers were standing around the coffee pot chatting about the recent attack. More information had come about since my step-dad had left home. The plane crashes were not accident, it was a terrorist attack. He had only heard about Osama Bin Laden during a program of 60 minutes when they were talking about his rising power, yet he did not know he could be so detrimental. Once again, he heard on the news about Bin Laden’s death on the news. As hard as it is to be grateful for someone’s death, he was when he learned Osama had died. However, he was concerned about all the followers of Bin Laden who were still out there and were just as guilty. My step-dad was not personally affected by the attack. He had no travel plans nor needed to communicate with anyone in the area. He also did not know anyone who was involved in the attack. He, of course, was very saddened by the attack and also that there is no world peace. He is heartbroken that we have to live in fear. He doesn't believe that the government is doing all that they can to prevent another attack. He used the missing 370 plane as an...

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