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Kelsey KeiserReview of Thomas Paine's Common SenseUS History 100129 September 2014Through powerful words, Thomas Paine created such persuasive propaganda that completely altered the country's state of mind, which eventually lead the people to a successful revolutionary change.Thomas Paine wrote in his introduction, "The laying a Country desolate with Fire and Sword, declaring War against the natural rights of all Mankind and extirpating the Defenders thereof from the Face of the Earth, is the Concern of every Man to whom Nature hath given the Power of feeling; of which Class, regardless of Party Censure, is the AUTHOR" (2). Paine wanted to start off his pamphlet by letting all of the people know that he believed that any human being that has opinions, feelings, concerns etc. has every right in their power to stand up for those opinions, feelings, concerns, etc. Therefore, we all have the right to rebel and fight for our independence from Great Britain.Thomas Paine brought light to people's eyes to show them that Great Britain had power over them, and showed them that they deserved better as a country if they were willing to get involved. Paine mentions that "Mankind being originally equals in the order of creation, the equality could only be destroyed by some subsequent circumstance; the distinctions of rich, and poor, may in a great measure be accounted for, and that without having recourse to the harsh ill sounding names of oppression and avarice" (8). He explained his valuable point here that all humans were born equal; God made us that way. However, over time we learned how to identify who all was different from one another, mostly in ranks of social class, which lead to people high in social class to have more power over the others. The people with more power brought oppression and avarice to society, meaning that the powerful Great Britain gained more wealth by being extremely greedy towards the weak citizens, therefore controlling them with cruel, unjust treatment that they have to learn how to overcome.Paine's arguments were persuasive for his audience mainly because he used a lot of biblical references. Paine's political thoughts on America's independence weren't exactly based on his own religious beliefs because he was simply not a religious person. In fact, Paine wrote in the introduction, being the author of the pamphlet that he is "unconnected with any Party, and under no sort of Influence public or private, but the influence of reason and principle" (2). He didn't have strong religious beliefs or influences, and he only believed in his reasons and principles so that his writing was totally unbiased for his audience. However, during that time in history many people based their beliefs off of the bible so he knew he had to use biblical evidence to draw their attention. Therefore, he presented the biblical information that having a king rule over the people was a sin. Only God was supposed to rule over the people, therefore people...

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