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History, Clients, Issues And Concerns, And Services In The Human Services Field Of Domestic Violence Provide National Data As Well As Delaware Data.

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History, Clients, Issues and Concerns,and Services in the Human Services Field of Domestic ViolenceResearch ReportApril 2004Table of ContentsA. INTRODUCTIONCauses For Domestic ViolenceB. THE HISTORY OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DURING THE LAST CENTURYC. DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICSResearch DataDomestic Violence In DelawareBehavior Exhibited By ClientsD. MAJOR ISSUES AND AREAS OF CONCERNAvailability Of ServicesFilling Positions Of Retiring WorkersBatterer Intervention Programs And Their EffectivenessReporting Of Domestic ViolenceE. SERVICES IN THE FIELD24-Hour HotlinesDomestic Violence SheltersTreatment And Counseling ServicesVictims ServicesLegal ServicesProbation And Parole ServicesSocial Workers And Domestic Violence ServicesREFERENCESA. IntroductionThe term Domestic Violence did not come into use until the 1970s. Having first been used to address the problem of wife battering, it now encompasses much more. Other terms commonly used are, for example, spousal abuse and intimate partner abuse. There are four major types of domestic violence. Firstly, there is physical violence, which includes pushing, slapping, beating, and assault with a weapon. Secondly, sexual abuse, which covers a wide range of assaults including forced sexual intercourse, penetration with a foreign object, grabbing and fondling, verbal sexual threats, and any other unwanted completed or attempted sexual contact. Thirdly, economic abuse, whereas the abuser denies the victim access to resources to which the victim is entitled such as education and employment. Lastly, psychological abuse, which includes acts such as isolating the victim from contact with others, humiliating the victim, degrading the victim, and threatening to harm the victim or those close to the victim (Encyclopedia of Social Work, 1998). Definitions of domestic violence in a legal context vary from state to state. Some states limit domestic violence to violence between a man and a woman living together, while others include ex-partners or family members, regardless of gender. Other States also include the destruction of property into their domestic violence laws.Causes for Domestic ViolenceThree primary models try to explain why a person abuses those he or she professes to love. The first, the Feminist model, believes that men use violence to uphold their traditional dominant role in the family and to assert the patriarchal organization of society. The feminist model further believes that the conduct of men who abuse is the product of sexism and culturally learned mores (customs) and norms. The second model, the Family Conflict model, on the other hand explains domestic violence with resulting from stresses a family may experience. Additionally, conflict may also be a family's accepted way of resolving conflicts. Also, abusers aim to play a leading role in the household; therefore, any household member may potentially contribute in the escalation of violence. Third, the Psychotherapeutic model, assumes that...

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