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History Culminating Essay Topic 3 Question: The Importance Of Immigration To The Canadian Economy In The Early 20th Century

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In the early decades of the 20th century, over one in five people living in Canada were immigrants. As immigrants were introduced to the freshly structured land and economy of Canada it began to show that immigration was essential to the financial structure of Canada. Some of the reasons that immigration was important to the Canadian economy in the early 20th century is that it prevented American expansion, Railway Business benefited from providing service to western Canada, immigrants started new businesses in Canada and industrialization and urbanization.

Even though birth rates were higher than immigration rates in the early 20th century immigration was still very important to the ...view middle of the document...

Also due to the fact that approximately 180,000 Family's immigrated throughout Canada mostly in western Canada the railway business boomed due to the fact that most family’s wanted to travel around Canada the railway business expanded to western Canada and connected to other areas of Canada which allowed immigrants to visit their families if they lived in other places in Canada or just to travel around the country they had just immigrated to which helped the economy go up drastically but if here were no immigrants there wold be less people in western Canada and in Canada I general so there would be less income coming from the railway and all family’s would live beside each other because they were born in the same place but when the immigrants came there family went to different places throughout Canada which required the railway for visitation

Also The immigrants that arrived in Canada had a higher education level (38% of Male workers who had a post-secondary education were immigrants, 49% of doctorate holders were immigrants and 40% of Canadians who had a masters were born outside of Canada) therefore they decided to start their own business and hire other immigrants who worked just as well as a Canadian workers but had a less wage. Statistics Canada Says that for every 10% increase in the population from immigration, wages in Canada are now reduced by 4% on average (with the greatest impact to more skilled workers, such as workers with post-graduate degrees whose wages are reduced by 7%) Canada also had people of many different cultures which had also been an important boost to Canada's international trade due to the fact that Immigrants will often have language skills, and personal/family connections with their country of origin that can help international...

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