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History, Culture, And Climate Of Australia

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Known for its Kangaroos, Great Barrier Reef, and the outback, Australia has been around for a very long time. Australia has a very deep and rich history filled with military conflicts, unusual weather, diverse culture, and diverse peoples. This paper is going to take you into the “down under” and show you how this great country has overcame and cultivated itself as a well known and successful society. I will explain some of the conflicts the country has overcome along with the type of terrain that covers this country. The seasons and how it locates its people and what they grow to survive and feed themselves. I will also go in depth on their culture, lifestyle, and where these people have came from to enjoy their lives.
Colonized in 1788 by Great Britain, Australia became home to thousands of convicts exiled from England. Royal marines were sent to guard the English settlement until 1790 when a unit specifically recruited to do to the same relieved them. Sent to Australia in 1810, the first organized military unit, the 73rd Regiment of Foot assumed their post. Sent to guard Australia from external attack, maintain order against convict uprisings, and Aboriginal resistance, the British stationed infantry regiments, small artillery, and engineer units to the country. The first war was not until 1845-1846, routing from the continued expansion of European settlers in Maori, knowing the European settlers intended to abolish the native independence. The fighting went on and off until 1860 before a truce declared and peace returned to the island. As time went on, Australia began to recruit new members into its military, a volunteer corps was organized, and a local police force initiated to maintain civil stability within the colony. Documented, there were about 2,500 Europeans settlers and police who died in this conflict and over 20,000 Aboriginal inhabitants. The waves of European settlers continued to come to Australia and there were no way for the Aboriginals to restrain the new population.
Along with their own personal conflicts within its own country, Australia has been on the same battlefields as the United States for countless of years. Soldiers from the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force were on the battlefields in WWI and WWII. When North Korea launched the invasion onto South Korea, Australian Soldiers began to defend the south from the communist force. In 1990, when the First Gulf War kicked off as Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait which was highly discouraged by the United Nations. The United Nations announced an embargo against Iraq and the United States assembled a large multinational task force to defend Kuwait and attack against Iraq. “By the end of 1990 the coalition force numbered some 40,000 troops from 30 countries, although the United States remained the dominant partner in the coalition” (Australian War Memorial). As Iraq continued to oppose the U.N., the multinational forces began their assault on Iraq...

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