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The following essay is a rationale of a ten-week Australian history course for senior high school students. This said the target audience would be sixteen and seventeen year olds, with the view to after ten weeks, have a basic knowledge of the topics covered in the course. This essay will be supported with suitable evidence, and as the question is based generally on personal opinion, some use of non-academic references will be utilised.As it is only for a ten-week duration, the amount of topics covered will be three. This number was decided on as it allows the most to be learnt, as each topic will have three weeks allocated towards it. Any less than three weeks to learn a certain topic would not be sufficient. Of those three weeks, the first two will see the topic addressed, with the third week being a review and discussion of the previous two weeks work, as well as a brief look at the next topic. A short test will also be given. The final week, week ten will be an overall review and discussion week and a final essay will be due.Marks for this ten-week course will be divided among the three short tests and the finial essay. Participation in the discussions in the third, sixth, ninth and tenth weeks, will also be assessed. The finial essay will be the main focus of the grade, being forty-five percent. Each test will be fifteen percent and discussion participation will be marked at ten percent.Throughout the ten weeks, the students will gradually come to their own conclusion of the concept of the Australian identity. Their final essay will be their perception of what it is, and what it means to them. These essays must include references to real case studies of the people that have influenced Australia's history. In learning about the history of Australia, they are to make connections with their own lives, and try to understand how things are different now, to what it was, and why the perception of the Australian identity has changed over the years.As the students learn about the history of their country, they are encouraged to develop their skills of empathy, research and analysis. This ten week course will fashion research practice as it asks students to interpret a range of primary and secondary source materials including visuals, books and web-based articles, in order to frame questions and debate interpretations. These debates will happen in the third week of each topic.The three topic chosen are 'The Landing at Botany Bay', 'War' and 'Indigenous Australians'. These topics have been chosen because people worldwide are under the perception that this forms the basis of Australia's historical, and national, identity. The landing at Botany Bay is where it all started and how we...

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