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History Essay

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Although the United States joined the fight in the last year of World War I; not only did it have influence in the war but it also changed as a country. Throughout the war America was remaining neutral, but when the war was coming to the point where England was going to lose, America interfered. It didn’t take long for the United States to become prepared for war but before entering the war, America had to build its army and be prepared with war supplies. After the war was over, it had an influence over America more than it had influence over Europe. The United States may not have been involved in World War I for the entire four years, but when it became involved the U.S. helped the Allies win the war and had major influence on its own nation.
In the first three years of World War I, America was remaining neutral and not joining the war for several reasons. Many Americans believed that Europe's problems was Europe’s problems such as socialists who believed that the war was a struggle among European nations. Parents in particular didn't want their sons to go into war nor did the immigrants from European nations want to fight against their country and families. England owed America a large amount of money which was borrowed for war supplies, America knew they wouldn’t get their money back if England lost in the war. America was also encouraged to enter the war when they learned about the Zimmerman Note. The Zimmerman Note was a telegram from Germany to Mexico asking them to have war with the U.S.. By joining World War I, America would eventually help the Allies in winning the war and also would make sure England wouldn’t lose to be able to pay back the borrowed money from the U.S..
When America officially decided to go to war, much had to be done in preparation. Through the Selective Service Act, America’s army raised from two hundred thousand soldiers to three million soldiers. Propaganda also helped raise soldiers for...

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