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From the beginning of World War Two in 1939, the German War Machine's might was proven with a quick takeover of Poland. In the three years that were to follow the Axis Powers were to line up victory after victory, successfully capturing France, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. The Axis powers seemed to be invincible and by late 1941 Britain was the only of the Axis Powers' enemy still standing. However by late 1942 the tables turned and the Allies suffered their first major defeats. Due to a range of different reasons the Axis Powers were defeated by 1945. This essay will outline the reasons for the Axis defeat and evaluate their importance.The Grand Alliance played an important role in the defeat of the Axis Powers. The United States of America were drawn into the war by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941. The Russians had also been forced into the war by the German surprise attack, Operation Barbarossa, in June earlier the same year. The British, Russians and Americans now faced common enemies and an alliance was formed to defeat the Axis powers. The Grand Alliance was very strong; the populations the countries of the Grand Alliance amounted to 340 million while the populations of Germany, Japan and Italy only added up to 200 million. The Allies were also superior when measuring the resources and military supplies. The American Economy was the strongest in the world and was able to make a significant contribution to the war, pumping billions of dollars into the war effort. By 1944 the American economy had a capacity of 70, 000 tanks and 12, 000 aircraft per year, more then any other economy. The Russian economy was also made a major contribution to the war. The Russian industry was able to produce machinery for the war without interruptions by the German Luftwaffe because the industry lay safely behind the Ural Mountains. In the latter part of the war when Germany lost air superiority, the allied bombing raids effectively reduced the German industrial output. The allies, as opposed to the Axis Powers, never ran out of supplies and were consistently able to feed their war effort. The Germans only had 2.5% of oil to use per year compared to the allies oil supplies.The countries in the Grand Alliance effectively worked together towards their common goal and were able to supply each other with vital resources for the war effort. For example, the Americans supplied the Russians with one million miles of telephone wire, 14 million pairs of boots and363, 000 trucks which aided in making the Russian resistance so strong and effective.The coordinated attacks on Germany from both the East and West proved to much for the Germans. The Americans and the British in the west and the Russians in the east were able to push the Germans back to Berlin where the Germans finally realised their defeat and agreed on unconditional surrender. The Grand Alliance is the most significant reason that led to the defeat of the Germans in 1945. Without...

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