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History Evolution In Indonesia Essay

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Indonesia is now 68 years old in August 2013, of course, Indonesia has undergone many changes in both the constitution and system of government since 1945. The first Indonesian Government system is parliamentary democracy (1945-1959), later changed to Guided democracy (1959-1965), and in 1965 changed again as a new order (1965-1988) and changed again to reform the system of government (1998-present ). Indonesian changing the system of government for the newly independent Indonesia when it was still looking for a solid foundation for itself, Indonesia is a country that uses the democratic system of government. According to H. Soche Harris (New York: Hanindita, 1985) Democracy is the form of government of the people, therefore the government power inherent in the people or the crowds and is right for the people or the people to set up maintain and protect him from coercion and rape others or body entrusted to govern.

A. Parliamentarian Democracy (1945-1959)
Indonesian government system in the future liberal democracy from 1945 to 1959. Liberal democracy (or constitutional democracy) is a political system that constitutionally protects individual rights from government power. In liberal democracy, the decisions of the majority (of the representative or direct) effect in most areas of government policy that is subject to the restrictions that the government's decision does not violate freedom and individual rights as stated in the constitution. Democracy is a form of government where decisions are important government directly or indirectly based on the agreement that is given freely majority of people today (Sidney Hook, 1989).
At the beginning of the declaration of Indonesian independence on August 17, 1945, Indonesia run a presidential system refers to the Constitution 1945 which states that the President has the ultimate power in the government. Indonesia runs a parliamentary system of government since 14 November 1945, but in its development, although Indonesia run Parliamentary system but in practice the system is still run a half-hearted or could be considered as a semi-parliamentary system. It can be seen from the application of the system during 15 years of Indonesian rule.
In the first period (1945-1949), the prime minister appointed only to replace the position of president as negotiator, while policies are still influenced by the President. Later in the second period (1949-1950) was a period of formation of the RIS (Republik Indonesia Serikat) which is a federal state based on the KMB (Konferensi Meja Bundar). In this period a parliamentary system of government is still running but with pseudo cabinet, so the function - the function of the prime minister's authority as supreme leader was not carried out to the maximum. However, due to the form of the RIS II period, government is divided into two namely: the Senate and the House of RIS and in period III (1950 – 1959) which is still running the parliamentary system but have started running...

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