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In my past history class, there was a huge banner up on the wall that loomed over the classroom. I read it every day: “Learn from the Past. Live in the Present. Prepare for the Future.” Less than a year ago, my classmates and I in our history class were panicked about final exams, studying hard and frantically, cramming everything in the night before - in other words, exactly what our teachers told us not to do. This was probably not the best method to attack the final exams. This year, my classmates and I tried to “learn from the past,” and prepare better. But I guess you could say history repeats itself.
On a larger scale, one can see the repetition through the Syrian Civil War, technically going on since 2011, but there was a long history of political instability dating back way into the 1900s. Just as in the Pequot War of 1634, where without doing research, one would think the war was just the English against the Pequots, many people think that the Syrian Conflict is between “rebel forces” and Bashar al-Assad (the President of Syria) and his government. When “reluctantly” taking power in 2000, due to the deaths of his male relatives, many people believed that he would reform the tumultuous Syria. However, his administration has been deemed “filled with hardliners,” or people who support, strict, often extreme, rules. It is believed that his administration “steered him away from reforms.” Assad and his administration have built up many rebels, angry with the government and wanting to overthrow it. But the “rebel forces” are not one big group, just like “the English” consisted of the English, Mohegans, and Narragansetts. There are about 100,000 rebels in Syria make up about 1,000 different rebel groups. Some of the groups are not as extreme and are fighting for democracy and freedom. Other groups are fighting for the al-Qaeda and want Islamic law. The largest rebel group is called the Free Syrian Army (FSA), who are fighting for liberty with an Islamic view. In Northern Syria, there are even conflicts between the FSA and al-Qaeda linked groups, in addition to the “rebel forces” against Assad. This is just like when the Narragansetts and Mohegans fought with the English against the Pequots, another native tribe from the same land. Morally, we feel that those who are from the same land should fight together, as one, not against each other. It doesn’t matter if they fight only out of fear of each other. Both of these conflicts (the Pequot War and Syrian Conflict) were extremely bloody, so far 120,300 people have died in the Syrian conflict, and at least 600 people died in the Pequot War, and both are against the perceived “morals.”
Another piece of evidence for historical repetition is Africa’s longest conflict, the battle of the Western Sahara Desert. This clash is between Morocco, Algeria, and the Polisario Front over who will own the Western Sahara land. The Polisario Front is outlawed in the parts of the Western Sahara that are Moroccan...

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