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On June 6th, 1945 the world signalled an almost immediate end to the catastrophic war that plagued the world for seven years. All allied forces conjoined as they made their final push to stop the oppressing Nazi Germany. It created the greatest attack every done in the 20th century. The Invasion of Normandy was the allied invasion of the German army in France. This tactical invasion well known as D-Day, was the largest ambitious assault the world has seen, and the most critical point in World War 2.
The Invasion of Normandy is when the allies decided that they must take an offense and invade Germany in their homeland if Hitler was to be stopped. ...view middle of the document...

The main focus for this operation was to secure the beach for re-enforcements, hold a position to set up camp & push the Germans back from Normandy. Approximately 137,000 soldiers first stormed the beaches of Normandy. Among those thousands of soldiers there were 15,500 paratroopers dropped by the USA, the most ever dropped in a single invasion. Parachuted soldiers, also known as paratroopers were becoming a great tactic the allies were starting to use in there a recent attacks. This is where soldiers are places on a plane & parachuted out of the air into a designated area, sadly most of them never reached there set location due to either being killed in air or being dropped away from their area because of gunfire and the plane’s speed. The massive 197,000 soldiers and sailors who participated in the Normandy Landing, set the record for the largest seaborne invasion and amphibious assault the world has seen.
The Nazi’s are pushing forward in France, and Britain’s supplies are starting to get depleted. Germany has big opportunity to fully concur all of France, restock on supplies and move into the crumbling United Kingdom. If the allied forces do not make a move now they might lose the whole war. Operation Overload a.k.a D-Day was exactly that, the final push to stop Nazi Germany from winning this war. With the Soviets moving into Warsaw, and Germany’s main ally Italy being taken down, this was the time to strike. This is why D-Day was the most critical point in World War 2. The surprise invasion gave the allied forces enough time to move Germany out of the coastal region, giving room for more soldiers to join them on their mission to push Germany out of France. Success of this mission gives allied forces a pipeline to move supplies, troops, and more fuel to carry across France, so they can get ready for the final invasion in Germany. With all countries suffering a blow from this devastating war none is worse than the death of 8.7 million Russians. This Invasion gave Russia a reason to stay in this war, even if the Soviet Union was to stay in this war without the offensive in Normandy, Hitler would have been able to better resist the Red Army. A Second Front was crucial, with the Russian attacking from the north and...

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