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H Istory Marketing Essay

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Marketing Over the Last Century
This paper will discuss the development of marketing over the last century. It will discuss
some of the major factors for marketing managers to take into consideration since the turn of
the century. Marketing has evolved from 100 years ago. Just like technology has evolved, so has
everything else. Every time new products are made, marketing changes to be able to keep up
with the competition. Even back when I was a little girl, we didn’t have cell phones, I pods and
other high tech video gaming systems. I am going to be forty this year, and many things have
changed in that forty years. I do remember seeing commercials for special things, but I don’t
remember seeing flyers or even things on the internet because I didn’t even own a computer or
lean to use one till much later.
These days everything is colorful, fancy, and expensive and ads for things are everywhere.
There is more competition now then there was back then. The internet is the biggest change in
marketing. (Belz 2006). Years ago people just went shopping in the stores to buy things. These
day’s people sit in front of their computers in their pajamas and do all their shopping online.
For myself, I go to school, but take online classes because it works out in my schedule.
Everything you ever need including groceries, clothes, and schooling can be done online. People
even have jobs working from home. The internet has transformed the way people discover,
share and connect and shop. It’s truly amazing.
Even word of mouth is a huge part of marketing these days. One person talks to the other
about a product or something else and word spreads like wild fire. Years ago even though
things were put on the market, managers were not in tuned to what people wanted, needed, or
just had to have. They weren’t sure how to sell and make profits, therefore that’s why these
3 Marketing Over the Last Century
day’s you don’t see certain things out anymore. I once had a thing such as a board game. It was
called mousetrap. Anyways, that game was so much fun and popular that you can still buy it at
certain stores like Wal-Mart. Our economy has changed therefore prices have changed and
marketing has changed. There never even used to be things such as gift cards, but this is
another way of marketing products.
Going back to marketing on the internet, they make it easy for you to use face book, watch
videos, and pay your bills via website. (Social Media Today 2011). In the early 1900’s there was
printed advertising, magazines, radio, and telephones. In the later 1900’s like 70 80’s, there
were computers, cell phones, internet, and email. Now we have smart phones that do just
about anything, no phone books really and Blogs online. Even meetings are online now.
There are four major areas of marketing that managers should focus on. (Reference for
Business 2014). The first one...

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