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We used to live in a world without protection. No one cared if someone lost a limb during work. No one protected the rights the constitution gave us. We needed protectors, people who stood up for what was right. We needed unions. The formation of three different unions helped save the United States of America in the 1800’s.

Here lies a man, he is broken, suffering from starvation, dressed in filthy rags he calls clothes, and sicker than a dog. This man is suffering, but does anyone hear his cries, does anyone care that everyday he endures excruciating pain just to provide for his family, soon working in such horrendous conditions will kill him? The answer is no, no one cares every day he nears his last… even though most are suffering from the same sad fate. This man needs an angel to save him, to protect him from such monsters as Andrew Carnegie. This man needs a union. In the Early 1800’s unions were like angels sent from up above to protect the common person, to insure children would survive, to create a better society for all. The first union founded in America struggled to achieve what they fought for, as the union became stronger so did the monopolies running America. This Union was called the National Labor Union. It seemed like this union winning any sort of battle was as unlikely as the Patriots winning the revolutionary war. Over years of persuasion and persistence the National Labor Union was able to create a difference. In 1873 the first battle was won, the NLU influenced Congress into creating an 8 hour day for federal workers. After all their painstakingly hard work for this small victory many government agencies reduced wages. It seemed as if it was one step forward two steps back for anyone involved in this union or their ways. Although this union was committed to making a difference their fiery flame was soon stomped out by the Great Depression. From this union defeat others strived learning from one another's mistakes and creating a country worth living in.

The scorching hot sun beats overhead, slowly draining all the energy remaining in the boys body. After crouching for hours his legs are are shaking from the pain he is enduring. Every time he goes to speak his throat is unable to muster much more than a unintelligible noise due to the fact it is dryer than the Sahara desert. Every minute goes by like an hour torturing the young boy into tears as he slaves over the beans that have been planted in the mineral rich soil. For this boy failure is not an option, if he messes up once it could cause his entire family to starve. Like Cinderella this young child needs a fairy godmother to protect him from the cruelty of this world. Although fairy godmothers are an unrealistic fantasy, the Knights of labor were not. They protected children around the world from the vile monopoly leaders much like Cinderella’s...

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