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History Of 8 Events That Can Be Connected To 4 Of The 6 Principles Of The Constitution

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Magna Carta (1215)
The Magna Carta was a document that came to existence in 1215. Before the Magna Carta, the king had ultimate power. He could do anything he wanted too; throw people in jail and yield land and money as he well pleased. Thereby, some of the king’s nobles began to conspire against him. They did not like the way that they were treated by the king, they come up with a doctrine that they then forced upon him which stated that the king could did not have complete authority over land and people and that he had to obey a set of laws.
This can be connected to the rule of law because the King believed that he had the most power. The Magna Carta was created because of the king’s abuse of power. The Magna Carta limited the king’s power and instated that everyone had to obey the law, including the king.

Bill of Rights (1791)
The bill of rights is a very important factor in the constitution. The bill of rights was the only reason why the colonists ever accepted the Constitution. The bill of rights was the first 10 amendments to be added to The Constitution. These rights protected the people from their government and ensured them that there would be no abuse of power.
The bill of rights can be connected to Individual rights, which was one of the key principles the Constitution. Individual rights protects the people, which is what the Bill of rights are doing. These rights not only protect us, but it is also a social contract. We have to give up something in order to get this freedom. Freedoms such as Freedom of Speech, or the right to bear arms.

10th Amendment (1791)
The Tenth amendment is the last amendment in The Bill of Rights. It says that states have certain rights that are not listed in the constitution. These rights include states can determine their own speed limit and can determine their sales tax.
This tenth amendment is an example of federalism. Federalism is the separation of powers among the government on a local, state or federal level. What the 10th amendment did was to say that powers not granted in the federal government were only held by the states and the people. This means that the federal Government can do certain things that the state nor local government can do, such as declare war.

Article One (1789)
Article one of the constitution is split up to different sections. Each section goes into a deeper understanding of what goes on in the Legislative Branch. Section One of Article One talks about how Congress and only Congress can make laws. Congress is split up into two smaller sub groups, which are The Senate and The House of Representatives. Section two and three of Article One then go into deeper detail of The House of Representatives and Senate respectively, stating how long each member can serve and what duties they are there to fulfill and the criteria for becoming a congressmen.
Article one of the constitution can be connected to separation of powers. Article one separates Congress from the rest...

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