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History Of Abortion Essay

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Ever since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, Abortion has
changed its course in society. With the new decision made by the United States, abortion
was now legal. Many abortions were performed before the Supreme Court decision, but
the settlement made it less risky for the doctors involved. Abortion has caused society to
be divided by a pro-choice group and pro-life group. Two groups with struggles that will
never end.
There are many different types of abortions that can be preformed. The type used
depends on how far along in the pregnancy the woman is. In the very early stage of the
pregnancy, up to 49 days after conception, the woman has two choices. The first is to
take a combination of drugs. This is called a medical abortion. The embryo is then passed
out. The other method is to use a syringe, and gently suck the embryo out.
The next type can be preformed six to fourteen weeks after conception. The
method the doctors use is to insert a tube in the vagina, and then hook it up to a suction
machine. The fetus is then removed. This procedure takes about ten minutes.
The second trimester abortions are called D&E, which stands for dilation and
evacuation. These are preformed up to the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy, and usually
take ten to twenty minutes. The way they are preformed is the woman is given absorbent
dilators which open up the cervix and absorb the fluids. After this is left in overnight the
woman then is ready for...

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