Chemistry Advances In Computers With The Work Of Transistors

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Chemistry and technology has allowed so many advancements in today’s society. It has allowed us to have faster computers, better displays, bigger hard disks(hard drives),and it gives us the ability to work, to create, and to play. The main focus point of my research is how chemistry has advanced computers with the work of transistors. A transistor is a semiconductor device that can amplify, control and generate electrical signals. Transistors look like integrated circuts. They are placed in micro processors, known as the heart of a micro processor. As times go on transistors decrease in size and increase in capability.
What was society like before the discovery of your technology? The discovery of transistors has been around ever since computers have been around. Life would have been more relaxed. Less of a up and get go to talk to the world. Before transistors we did not have any technology. We did not have radios, we did not have TVs, we did not even have cars, we did not have a lot of technologly that we could not even dream about living without. No cell phones. Can you even imagine? Nope. When we had created something like a transistor but definetly did not have the power of a transistor. A vacum tube. It used the Nike system. It was big and heavy so that it could hold all of the vacum tubes. For the precision to get the pure Nike accuracy you had to use analog adjustments. Todays transistors requires 1/15 the man power, is 1/15 the weight. And is more effective, easier to keep working and accurate.
How did natural resources limit or advance your technology? Natural resources not only limited the creation of transistors, they also advanced the creation of transistors. Transistors were made up of either silicon or germanium. At first they were made up of germanium, but they were found to be very difficult to work with to put in to smaller products, they would break easily like plastic. Scientists then turned to using silicon, not only for its flexibility, but it is of one of...

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