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History Of Chemistry Through The Ages

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The history of chemistry dates back to the time of ancient history to now. Ancient civilizations used technologies that would eventually form the basis of the various branches of chemistry by 1000 BC. For example, they were extracting chemicals from plants to make medicines. The history of chemistry is intertwined with the history of thermodynamics. Chemistry is very important to our world today. Without it, we wouldn’t be near as advanced as we are. Let’s take scientists for example. The scientists at St. Jude children’s research hospital; everyday they are working to find the cure to various types of cancer by mixing different chemicals and making various compounds to somehow help all the children with the big C word today. Chemistry plays a big role in things we would never think of.
Before chemistry, I would say society was a mess. We did not know of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Which is quite frankly mind blowing considering the fact that elements make nearly everything there is around us up. People living today will live much longer lives than they would have back then because Chemistry is what helps us discover all of our medicines, vaccines, and etc. We did not know of DNA. This is the carrier of all of our genetic information. Without chemistry, we wouldn’t have had liquid oxygen, which is rocket fuel. Without that the space race would have never happened. This means, we would not have satellite TV or internet. Without internet I would not be typing this chemistry paper right now. Without chemistry we wouldn’t have cell phones. Without cell phones, teens today would simply not know what to do with themselves. It is one thing after another. The world needs chemistry!
Natural Resources involved in chemistry would be oxygen as one of the main ones. Oxygen is a very important element I guess you could say. Without oxygen we would not be here right now. Oxygen is used in some binary compounds that are a big part of the world today such as water. There are many other natural resources we use tied up in chemistry today. Oxygen is just the most important natural resource there is. Like I said, without oxygen, no one would be here right now. The sun is a natural resource as well. The sun is the Earth’s main source of energy.
Chemistry has a big affect on society today. We do have cell phones. Internet and the space race did happen, so therefor I am typing this chemistry paper right now. We have medicines and vaccines out there that allow people to live longer lives if a sickness occurs. Cell phones are one of the biggest advances from chemistry in my mind. They allow us with much easier and faster communication with the people around us or even on the other side of the

world. Satellite TV is another big...

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