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History Of Chemistry: Hydrogen As An Alternative Use Of Energy

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In this paper I am going to be talking, about how the element hydrogen when chemically broken down can produce enough power to run things like, cars, planes, helicopter, etc… which is chemistry in technology. Right now most everyone is very heavily dependent on the use of fossil fuels and the search for alternative fuel sources are starting to pick up. One of the leading sources of fuel being tested is the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. One of the disadvantages is that hydrogen is only found in a handful of locations. They have already started to integrate it into natural day to day living like the power plant in Italy, many car companies are starting on designs of hydrogen powered cars. I feel that the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy could clean the atmosphere it would make us less dependent on fossil fuels and drive prices down to refuel your cars.
Life without hydrogen as a power source is very dirty the use of fossil fuels just pollutes the air and the use of hydrogen would clean up the air. Many wars have been started over oil in the middle east if hydrogen where to be used as the main power source there would not be any struggle over who controlled it because there is so much hydrogen around that there would be no way to have a monopoly on it. Like we do today in the oil companies there a few oil companies that supply the oil and they can drive up the price that is why today there is so much fluctuation it the prices. Without an abundant fuel source like hydrogen there is wars started over the not so abundant fossil fuels and there is a struggle for power over the monopoly.
Natural resources advance the use of hydrogen because it makes up 90 percent of the known universe, it also is the most abundant element on Earth. Hydrogen has the highest combustion energy per pound of any fuel which makes it the most energy efficient. A kilogram of hydrogen produces the same amount of energy as a gallon of gas. 1 gallon of gas is equal to about 8.35 pounds and I kilogram is equal to 2 pounds. So per pound hydrogen is a more efficient use of fuel because you can store more of it and get the same amount of energy out of it as you could if it was a fossil fuel. Water is very plentiful it makes up 75 percent of the Earth and you can use water or natural gas, which is also very plentiful, to break down the hydrogen into a useable fuel. Because it is so abundant they can make and deliver it in large quantities that are competitive with the gas prices that we have today.
The use of hydrogen as a power source is already being implicated in day to day life they use it to power buses, cars, scooters,...

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