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History Of Child Care In Ontario, Canada

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History of Child Care in Ontario1881: The Crèche was established by J.L. Hughes in the Toronto public school system (now Victoria Day Care Services).The Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU) at the Centre for Urban and Community Studies at the University of Toronto began function in the early 1980s in reply to a need for information and public educational assets in the child care field.1887:The Toronto kindergarten was accomplished in 1887 for children aged 3 - 7 year olds making Ontario the first to influence the world to make kindergarten as a part of the public school system.1926: The University Institute of Child Study and its laboratory school (St. George's Nursery) in Toronto was established to educate nursery school teachers.1942: The government of Ontario signed the "Dominion-Provincial War Time Agreement" with the federal government to give 50% of cost-sharing to nurseries with children whose mothers that were employed in important war industries.1945: At the end of the War, federal funding was withdrawn and the province was deciding whether to close all centres or not.1946: The Day Nursery and Day Care Parents' Association in Toronto successfully kept the day nurseries running.The Day Nurseries Act: it provided provincial funds that covered 50% of the net operating costs of all child care programs and also a system of licensing and standard inspection for the centres.1950: The Nursery Education Association of Ontario (Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario) was established1966: The federal Canada Assistance Plan was introduced. It resulted in financial support for low-income families in Ontario.In Toronto, the government started a subsidizing child care program that assists with the cost of child care if the parent, foster parent or legal guardian of a child 0 - 9 years of age is in need.In April 1996 the Ontario Child Mortality Task Force was established by the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies and the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario.1974: Ontario's first major policy statement on child care called it a welfare service for those in social/financial need.1978: Day Nurseries Act was changed for the necessity of licensing for private home day care agencies. The Regulation was in effect by 1984 to provide support for private home day care.1980: The Ontario Coalition for Better Day Care (later Child Care) formed to support public funding for generally accessible, high quality and non-profit child care.1987: In "New Directions for Day Care", a broad government policy promised that there would be recognition towards child care as part of the essential public1991: The provincial government of Ontario made two announcements that reflected upon the intention towards establishing an increase in non-profit institutions: a "Wage Enhancement Grant" for people that work in non-profit care as a "down-payment" to encourage pay equity, and an approach to promote commercial programs to switch to a...

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