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History Of Cloud Computing Essay

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Cloud computing is here and basically every business, corporation, or organization is using it in some form. Learning and understanding the opportunities and risks that is interlinked with this technology can be very important. Cloud computing is a model for allowing convenient, on-demand network access to a shared collection of configurable computing resources. These resources included networks, storage, applications, servers, and services. It can be quickly provisioned and distributed with insignificant effort or interaction of service provider. Characteristics of cloud computing include rapid elasticity, broad network access, on demand self-service, measured service, and resource ...view middle of the document...

Because cost of purchasing and maintaining mainframes were so great, organizations would not have the funds for a mainframe per user. As a result, multiple users began to simultaneously share access to the same data storage and central processing unit from any station. By permitting shared accessibility of the mainframe, an organization would gain a return in the investment of this refined technology.
In the 1970s, IBM came out with an operating system called Virtual Machines (VM). Virtual Machines permitted admins on their System, 370 mainframe systems to have multiple systems, or on a single physical node. The Virtual Machines operating system redesigned the original 1950s application. The new operating system took the shared access of mainframes, and allowed multiple compute environments to live in one physical environment. Most of the basic functions you see today of any virtualization software is linked back to the early Virtual Machines OS. Although all of those resources would be shared, each Virtual Machine could launch custom or guest operating systems that had their own memory, hard drives, central processing unit, and networking. "Virtualization" became a major evolution for communications and computing.
Years later, in the 1990s, telecommunications companies who had only provided single dedicated point–to-point data connections, now began providing virtualized private network connections at a lowered rate. Instead of building out physical infrastructure to permit multiple users to have their own connections, telecommunication companies were able to deliver users with shared access to the same physical infrastructure. This transformation allowed the companies to shift traffic as necessary and allocate better network balance and control over bandwidth usage. In the meantime, virtualization for PC-based systems went underway, and as the Internet became more accessible to users, the next phase was to take virtualization online.
PaaS based Cloud Services include IBM Smart Cloud or Google App. Platforms like these, services to improve applications based on this platform, and because they are not burdened by underlying infrastructure complexities, they are supported with the ease of development and deployment. SaaS based Cloud Services are various, this service mainly focuses on end users. Consumers using this service do not have to fuse with software or hardware because this service only needs a browser or device to access these applications. Google, IBM, and iCloud are supporting software services for enterprises and consumers. However, to achieve economic efficiency and flexibility, providers does resource pooling. The provider’s resources are pooled to accommodate multi-consumers, with many physical and virtual resources that are redesigned according to...

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