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For most of human history computing was irrelevant.our ancestors noticed little things. They noticed on elk and one daffodil had something in common each was alone Later many societies apparently added a second number-two. Given five fingers on each hand, communicating quantity was not difficult if the numbers were small. It was easy to handle numbers up to ten. The use of written numbers is generally believed to have preceded the use of words for numbers. By the time agrarian societies formed, about eleven thousand years ago. An economic system was being formed, the beginnings of architecture and geometry existed. Each culture had develop its own, unique method of writing computations. The Roman system, which lasted in Britain until the Renaissance, kept math out of the hands of all but a small elite. Fortunately for that elite, they had the use of history's first digital computer, the abacus. A clay tablet in the British Museum dated 2300-1600 B.C. and coming from Senkereh, in Babylonia, contains the squares of numbers up to twenty four. from stones to an abacus is a simple one. Simply take the pebbles, put them in an enclosed area in an ordered pattern of base five or ten, connect them with wires or hair, and you will not find it difficult to work out a method of adding and subtracting, and by repeating the steps, of multiplying and dividing. Greeks had abacuses by five hundred B.C. The abacus underwent several changes through out history. first and second century A.D., the Hindus had developed a nine-digit numbering system. It was not until much later that they added their most remarkable invention, the zero. By adding the zero to a decimal system, the Indians began a shining era of mathematics that lasted until around 1200 A.D. and led to major advancements in Algebra. British also computed with an exchequer table. name Exchequer comes from that board. The board was replaced with tally stick. This system was used until 1738. Britain, in the years between 1820-1880, was an astonishing place. This period not only marked the zenith empire; it also saw an extraordinary intellectual and artistic explosion unmatched since the Renaissance. A whole class of technocrats-some firmly based in science, others brilliant economic opportunists-assembled and designed ever more complex machines that created entire industries from cottage crafts, mechanized transportation, and developed the greatest commercial nation of the time. Charles Babbage. Babbage conceived the idea that mathematical computations, logic and even analysis could be mechanized. Despite the innovative fertility of his time, he failed. One of these was the difference engine which could find the cube or square of any number. This machine could do any calculations as long as you had the right punch cards. Hollerith made an invention that would change the world he made an automatic tabulator machine. Each card equaled a person, and each hole represented information about such matters as...

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