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History Of How Relationships Amongst People Of Different Races Has Been Scorned And Looked Down Upon Almost As Being Unlawful And Unethical.

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"Deep in us this fascination with the exotic other--" states Daniela Gioseffi in her poem The Exotic Enemy (476). Published in 1979, The Exotic Enemy refers to the issues that ignite relationships whether they be between different sexes or different races. This poem also explores the elements behind most interracial relationships, such as curiosity of another race. In the past, relationships amongst people of different races has been scorned and looked down upon almost as being unlawful and unethical. Antimiscegenation Laws have been passed, modified, appealed, and reasserted throughout US history dating back to the late 1600's until recently (1987). These laws were used to prevent any sexual or marital relationships between white Americans and any other minority/ non-whites. Whites were the only race that were prohibited from dating other races other than white. These regulations on interracial relationships continued until the late 1980's. Although the laws no longer exist there still remains the stereotypical cliché that interracial relationships are wrong. Interracial relationships continue and flourish more so nowadays than in the past, but there is still that negative ambiance against interracial dating. Why do people continue to be involved with others outside of there race? Is it because of curiosity, like the poem by Gioseff suggests? Or can a real interracial relationship thrive in today's society?I interviewed two young African American males, both the ages of 18 years of age. The first interviewee shall be called, Aaron* and the second interviewee is named *Paul. All of the interviewees have been in an interracial relationship of some kind. The respondents were asked the following questions: Racially, how do you define yourself? Have you ever been involved with a person from the opposite sex that was outside of your race? What kind of relationship developed? Were there any culture differences between you and your mate that interfered with the relationship? What did your parents think? What did your partner's parents think? Was it easy for you two to be involved?In some cases, people from opposite races are attracted to each other and develop a relationship which is later disrupted by outside racial tensions. Aaron was involved with his ex-girlfriend for approximately 9 months. "We had no problems. We pretty much liked the same things and we got along pretty well. But her parents really didn't like the fact that we were dating. My mom and dad didn't care", states Aaron, an 18 year old college freshman. Aaron is racially mixed but he identifies himself as African American. His mother is Italian American and his father is Haitian. Because his parents are in an interracial relationship themselves, they found no problem with him dating a white girl. "It seemed like her parents were the only ones who really didn't like our relationship. They didn't care that my mom was white. Just the fact that I had black in me discouraged them from...

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