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History Of Fashion Media Essay

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This is evident in the Ball scene. When she enters in her new ‘lovely dress with yards of skirt –way of the shoulders’ not only does she obtain flattering gazes from men, but also women. A Close up of a man’s face drop as he witnesses the beauty of Sabrina despite having a partner highlights her show stopping appearance. A long shot of men crowding around Sabrina further reveals her image of desirability. The gown she is wearing is set apart from the mundane women’s fashion around her through its innovation in various lengths with both a tightly fitted strapless bodice with attached train skirt. Its thick heavy skirt train with copious amounts of material behind creates a fantasy like Cinderella appearance. Her design stands out though the intricacy of the detailing which included flattering floral embroidery with a dark lining to accentuate the fullness of the gown. Drastically the other women part of Larrabee ball wore unvarying, monotonous gowns creating The Parisian gown to be of as much attraction as Hepburn herself. This accentuates the exquisiteness of each, Hepburn and gown, but ultimately enriches Audrey to a star status. This can be evident though the quote “Women invested in Audrey Hepburn as a star and in ‘the Hepburn look’ as a model of fashionable style” (Moseley, 2002, p.6) revealing how By becoming synonymous with designer fashion Hepburn image is enriched and appeals to women audience . Thus influencing Hollywood fashion trends and hence popularised her looks.

We can see further the aid of couture clothing in glorifying Hepburn’s star image and thus influencing Hollywood fashion though her association with women in the upper class. The relationship she had with Givenchy (styling her on and off screen) was usually reserved for women of the higher class. 1950s American fashion magazines displayed models with latest fashion with superior multipage spreads to reveal the haute couture fashion with reserved models from daughters from Old-rich, Royalty and the highborn. “Hepburn joined the ranks of these social elite as a role model when, after her appearance in Sabrina in 1954, she appeared in vogue: This arbiter of American fashion declared her to have Established a new standard of beauty and every other face now approximates the 'Hepburn look'". The "Hepburn look" was now a commodity subject to being reproduced. Throughout 1955, numerous models resembling Hepburn could be seen in fashion features and advertisements in vogue displaying dark, cropped hair, thick eye brows, swanlike necks, wide-eyed youthfulness, and thin bodies" (Dresser & Jowett ,2000, p.162 ) This quote reveals how Hepburn’s image was uplifted though couture dress and her role in film Sabrina to popularize her looks into commodity’s displayed in fashion magazines. Thus revealing the influence of certain icons in cinema to influence Hollywood’s way of dress.

But why did Hepburn’s image flourish in Hollywood? What made her so iconic? Hepburn provided the...

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