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History Of Women In The Us Military

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Today in the United States military we are seeing more women become a part of the armed forces and serving our country. For me I believe this to be an accomplishment for women who chose to work in a field that is overly dominated and run by men. As for the world there are only 3% of women that make up the worlds military personnel(Herrmann, I., & Palmieri, D. 2010).There are some aspects of women being in the military and serving our country where these women are not being treated equal. Women have come a long way through many types of inequalities over the years, but the U.S. military is still an aspect that is lacking which if more women were included could add to the military’s overall strength. The U.S. Military seems to be playing a game to see who is better or to see who is more capable to protect our country. Today women still need to prove to men (and/or the U.S. Military) that they are good enough to do what the male soldiers do, that they should be treated equally with respect, and that they deserve the same rights and benefits as their fellow male soldiers. It is in my belief that women in the military are just as capable of protecting our country as men and they should be treated respectfully and equally.
In this paper will demonstrate the inequality among women in the U.S. Military through interdisciplinary perspectives. This includes the history of women in the military, inequalities of women in the military with focuses on impact of women in the military, along with women’s perspective on women being in the military, and then men’s perspective on the subject. It will then review the ethical impact of women in the military followed by some suggested possible solutions and end with a conclusion that focuses on what the military is doing now in terms of women.

The History of Women in the Military
Women have had a long history of being essential part of war. According to Irene Herrmann and Daniel Palmieri in their article “Between Amazons and Sabines: a historical approach to women and war” “…[Women] Deliberately ousted from the battlefield- the ultimate domain of virility- women are, however, often the subject of male quarrels and coveted as booty…”. It is also stated in the Article by Herrmann and Palmieri that “ Although history shows that women have taken part in armed conflicts since ancient time, it also implies between the lines that to some extent, they have done so against their will, precisely because there was a major threat to the existence of the community.” It’s also important to acknowledge as stated in the article by Partlow (1984) that “Historically, societies have turned to women warriors only in response to overwhelming need…”. Whether they were warriors or healers each great woman has had an influence on what an army that included women could be. Folklore and Mythology has had a great influence on the importance of women throughout time and cultures It’s important to acknowledge the great acts of...

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