History Of Firefighting: Historic Influence And Transgression

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There have been many historic fires in the history, from the Iroquois Theater fire in Chicago in 1903 to the Station Nightclub in Rhode Island in 2003. Each fire has its own significant outcome, whether it was meager and non-historic or devastating and tragic. Every fire or flame that has burned on this world, mankind has more knowledge of this chemical reaction and the destruction it can cause.
In 24 BC, the Roman emperor, Augustus instituted a corps of “watchmen”. This is when the regulations for checking and preventing fires came into effect. During this era, watchmen in the cities to sound off alarms if a fire where to happen. Their primitive equipment for fire suppression at this time was either a lone bucket or a supplementary amount depends on the size of the flame. Shortly thereafter, the Romans would start using axes in home burnings to have the smoke and flames escape the building. In a major forest fire Romans would use, long hooks attached to ropes to pull down buildings to stop incoming fire spread
In 1666, after the Great Fire in London, fire brigades were first formed by insurance companies. It was not until two hundred years later the government was involved and created these brigades creating London’s Fire brigade. These brigades were the first public service to develop modern standards of operation. The fire chief at this brigade appointed 80 aides to participate in fire drills and night training. In 1830 he wrote the first book on fire operations. This book had nearly 400 standards and set forth how a good department should deliver exceptional service.
It was until 1648 that the first public fire department was formed in the United States. After a disastrous fire in Boston 1631, the city prohibited thatched roofs and wooden chimneys. The forest fire in Boston in 1679 was a transgression of its own destroying 155 major buildings and a vase number of ships. After this fire laws were acquired stone or brick walls for buildings and slate or tile roofs for houses. Additionally this fire led to having the first paid municipal fire department in the United States and perhaps the world. In the department’s communities houses were required to have at least two fire buckets on hand. In case of a fire the...

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