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History Of Hockey And The Nhl

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This research paper is going to discuss facts about hockey and rules of hockey and the history of hockey.
NHL Hockey and Olympic hockey are very different due to each league having their own style of play. In Olympic hockey Fighting is frowned upon, those who fight receive a penalty match, and will be ejected from the game. In the NHL fighting, is what most fans come to watch fighting allowed and after the fight is over all players involved in the scuffle will be penalized and put into the penalty box? The penalty box is where players have to sit after a fight and other behavior infractions for a certain amount of time.

Tied games in the Olympics is followed by ten minutes of sudden death, in the NHL, the game stays in the extra period until a player scores a goal to win the game. According to Tracee Hamilton a writer for the Washington post, this is where it gets interesting. Each coach designates three players for the shootout, and they each must take one shot. “If the game is still tied after three shots by each team, the GWS will continue with a tie-break shoot out by one player of each team, with a reversed shooting order. The same or new players can take the tiebreaking shot.
Canada claimed gold four years ago on their home turf can they do it again. Canada is predicted to have a challenge against Finland, Finland’s Defense is weak and the Canadians have good Forwards, but Canada should take care of business and go undefeated in their division, Canada will get their test it just won’t be in group play they will get there test in the tournament. Canada beat Finland 2-1 in overtime of the semifinal game, Canada failed to clinch the number one seed because the game went into overtime. Finland played Canada very tough, they made sure they were not going to be out toughed by Canada in the first minute of the game Finland set the table letting the...

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