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History Of Hunting Through The Ages

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A lot of people just think of hunting as a thing were you go up into a tree and wait for a duck to come flying bye or a deer to walk in the sight so we can shoot them well you see that is hunting but how did we get to here. Why do we hunt the way that we do well it is because of how we got ideas off of the old ways we did it the history of hunting, the old way that we did things not the waiting for it to come to use the I am going to go get what I want and need. Now you see many people think that all hunting was from a tree and that it was from a deer stand and that we used high powered rifles to shoot deer from hundreds of yards. Well I can say that if you think that then you are just wrong that wasn’t the way that we hunted thousands of years ago or even hundreds of years ago similar but not the same.
Back in the ice age there were no trees to go climbing in there were not two by fours to go make a deer stand with heck there was barely any wood to start and fire to get warm so there was none of our hunting. Back then they were nomads they would follow the herds of animals and would kill them and follow they never settled down they never learned about animals being in season like we do they didn’t know that during the winter birds would be gone and that deer would be around and that turkey were hibernating. So they would be following the birds as they left and would be making sure that they followed them enough that they could get food they would follow mammoths and get fur and food off of them. Then they wouldn’t have to move for a while so you see that everything that they wanted they had to go get, but they did have some weapons that we have today like back then they had the spear and other weapons that or tools that they made out of bones.
Which brings me to around the stone age around 23000 B.C were they have had the spear and that they have been hunting these animals and following them but the animals are a lot quicker than they are and so they have spears the reach out or throw with to kill the animal. So they made the atlatl which gave you a extra push when you threw so you could get up to maybe 40 meters if thrown right. But during this time was when they had stone tools that helped them with their hunt. Like they would have sharp rocks on the tip of sticks to help cut up there catch or help kill it. The hunting style never changed they still chased after the animals and never settled down they were in a nomads place a no home kind of place but really this is the foundation to the history of hunting. Basically as a start this is where it is there was nothing else really in hunting that changed yea before aps chased down the prey just like they did and they followed them so this was the foundation that this time still there was no change.
But around 15000 years later they found arrows and arrow heads which mean that hunting towards 5000 B.C took a turn they had bows which are used for longer ranged kills or put downs so you can go and...

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