History Of Infamous Nissan Skyline Car

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As many car companies compete today, there is always a reason behind it all. If the purpose of competition is for money making for example, than the better the car for the common people, the better. As those companies balance between the people’s needs, there also comes a place for sport cars. So this dates back to 1955, where The Prince Motor Company,(later known as Nissan since 1967), first brought the car into production. The skyline’s performance, styling, and reputation contributed to the great impact of race cars today. Coming from scratch, the car’s performance was ideal for the racing enthusiast.
Since the birth of the ALSI- 1 series Skyline in 1957, the car reached spectacular amounts of credit. With the manufacturers already looking into the next one year after year, they left the first one with an inline 4 engine producing roughly 60 horsepower. This cost efficient production vechicle caught many people by surprise. With just a few years later, the ALSI- 2 was born with just minor revisions. The engine was juiced up to 70 horsepower and the front grille changed along with the lights. This rapid growth of the car fascinated many car freaks. This just kept adding on excitement for the future line of the Skyline. With the support of Michelotti, Nissan came out with a limited edition Skyline which was recalled because the price skyrocketed and no one could afford it. This hyped up the company to later produce the same car at an affordable rate. In which, the performance suffered a drop from 94 horsepower to 70. This didn't bother many people because ever since this model,the S 50-E series, everything progressed dramatically. With the later models such as the Skyline 2000GT. Finally, a evolutionized concept race car was in production. Since the birth of this car in 1964, the engine always stayed the same. The bodywork increased in size by 8 inches to fit a mean 6-cylinder engine under in the bay. This wasn’t sought out to be very popular since it was a concept but surprised many of enthusiasts. This car went quickly from being a concept to a full production line up. Coming out fresh out the box with two versions: a 105 horsepower motor or with the G7 motor upgraded to 125 horsepower. At this point, the car included a extra fuel tank for more power. The upgraded suspension work such as the full limited slip differential to better add power and stability to the firm surface. It finally allowed for bigger brakes and vented ones for a pure race car performance. This first ever race car model of the Skyline finished second in the Grand Prix in Japan in 1964. This first race car from Nissan competed with the Porsche 904 GTS, which was built and designed many times for the racing environment.
Speeding up to 1968 where finally Nissan released the first Skyline GT-R. This car is remembered by far the most legendary. However, the GT-R that is remembered by most enthusiasts today would be the models from 1995-2001. This first GT-R came...

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