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The Balance of Power Theory and It’s Application to Kosovo
     Ideas are the corner-stones of International Relations and Diplomacy. These ideas are often titled theories, a term that grants the ideas a certain degree of credibility in application, though they remain theories; they cannot be proved., only applied intelligently in hopes of arriving at the correct conclusion. One theory concerning the Balance of Power (BOP) falls under the Neo-Realist analysis of conflict within the International system. This Essay will attempt to apply this theory, somewhat retroactively to the situation in Bosnia and more specifically, to that in Kosovo. Retroactively, because the essay will principally examine how these theories can be applied to the history of the Kosovo conflict, dating to the present. Secondly, it will undertake to detail the current situation in that region in these same terms, providing an accurate description of the status quo. Finally, the Balance of Power Theory will be employed in a prospective manner, to offer a solution to the situation in terms of actually creating a balance of power within the country of Bosnia.
I. Definitions of Terms for the Purpose of this Essay
     A. Neo Realism
     B. Balance of Power Theory (BOP)
     C. Power Transition (PT)
II. Retroactive Application of Theory
     A. History of Kosovo Situation
     B. How BOP/PT Theory Explains Kosovo Conflict
III. Immediate Application of Theory
     A. How Status Quo is Represented by BOP Theory
IV. Prospective Application of Theory
     A. What Actual Balance of Power may lead to Peace in the Region
V. Conclusion

I. A. Neo-Realism
     Neo-Realism is one of the schools of thought in International Relations theory. It is a sub-school of Realism, which originated in the aftermath of World War II. Realists tended to blame the Second World War on Liberals and their failure to deter the fascist powers that initiated that war. Some of their specific criticisms include these principles:
     1.There is no such thing as individual rationality, as liberals believe. In realism, individuals give in to group rationales, i.e. German participation and support of the holocaust. Of course, most of the population was horrified at what was happening, but as a nation of Germans, felt perhaps it was necessary for the survival of their state.
     2. States do not truly have common interests. If this were true, there would be no need for supranational organizations, and supranationally binding treaties would also be unnecessary, as interests would be...

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