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History Of Mississippi Essay

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What is the home state to various NFL Hall of Famers and the King of Rock and Roll? One may think the men are from the Sunshine State or the Peach State. However, these successful men are from the Magnolia State. Mississippi’s rich and interesting history shapes the Magnolia State into what it is today.

Before the Mississippi was discovered by Europeans, Native Americans inhabited the land. There were three ethnic groups of Native Americans living in the land which would one day become Mississippi: The Natchez, the Choctaws, and the Chickasaws. The Natchez Indians were known for worshipping the Sun (Fant 9). The Choctaw Indians lived in South Mississippi while the Chickasaw Indians lived in the northern part of Mississippi (Fant 7). Choctaw Indians and Chickasaw Indians had a rivalry. Within the rivalry, Choctaws and Chickasaws fought one another (Fant 7). Also, the Choctaw Indians had a culture of crushing the heads of young children (Fant 10). In return, the children’s heads became flat. European explorer Hernando de Soto discovered Mississippi in 1540 during the winter time (“Mississippi”). Because he could not find gold or silver, de Soto left Mississippi and went somewhere else to look for gold (“Mississippi”). One hundred and fifty-nine years later, Pierre le Moyne d’Iberville claimed part of the Mississippi Valley for France in a French expedition (“Mississippi”). Pensacola was the French colony that d’Iberville established (Fant 31). The French settlers interacted with the Native Americans. The two groups traded together, and the French gained fur within the trade (Fant 33).

In 1792, the Natchez Indians killed the French people who settled near them (“Timeline”). This is now known as the Natchez Massacre. In response, the French settlers and the Choctaw Indians attacked the Natchez Indians (“Mississippi’s History”). In 1754, The French and Indian War is where the British fought against the French and the Native Americans. In 1763, the French and Indian War was ended by a treaty (Fant 57). The British gained control of the property that was once France’s property after the French and Indian War (“Mississippi”). Between 1781 and 1783, Spain and America divided Mississippi (“Timeline”) . Spain had the southern part of Mississippi, and America controlled the northern part of Mississippi (“Timeline”). When people moved to Mississippi, slaves were brought to help in agriculture (Fant 46). The Spaniards wanted only the Catholic religion in the southern part of Mississippi (Fant 86). In 1797, Spain gave the part of Mississippi to the United States (“Timeline”).

In 1798, Mississippi became a territory of the United States. Present-day Alabama was part of Mississippi when it became an American territory (“Mississippi”). When Mississippi became a territory, there were about five thousand people living there (Fant 93). Natchez was the first territorial capital of Mississippi (“Mississippi”). Also, Natchez was the main place for the...

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