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History Of Modern Computing Essay

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Computer has been an important gadget in many peoples life. Computers come in various design, size and types. For example, there are computers that needs to be placed on the desk or on a flat surface like the desktop computer and the laptops. Where else we have the computers that can be carried along with us like the mobile phones and tablets. Computers are so important that it is used to communicate by billions of people. For example people use computer for far distance communication like sending emails to friend and workmates or talking to family members at any time without restriction and this is really convenient. Computers are also used for working purpose like the consumer using it for ...view middle of the document...

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the articulate ‘computing machine’ were changed to simpler word ‘computer’. (N.Zalta 2006).

In year 1828 to 1839, Charles Babbage was a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. (N.Zalta 2006). The Difference Engine which was suggested by Babbage was a special intend digital computing machine for the use of mathematic tables which can produce automatically. The Difference Engine was mostly occupied with mechanical components. For example with metals, rods and brass gear wheels.

To make a more general purpose mechanical digital computer, Babbage proposed the Analytical Engine. In the Analytic Engine, it was proposed to have the central processing unit and a memory store. The characteristic of the Analytic Engine can be dominated by the program that has been instructed in the punched cards which is put together with ribbons. Babbage stressed the simplification of the Analytical Engine, by saying “the conditions which enables a finite machine to make calculations of unlimited extent are fulfilled in the Analytic Engine” (Charles Babbage 1994). Babbage worked the daughter of the poet Byron named Ada Lovelace and that’s where the name for modern programming language ADA came from. Babbage’s idea on the general purpose calculating engine was always remembered at Cambridge, which was the origin of electronic digital computer.
The vacuum tubes were similarly used earliest in the USA by John Atanasoff at the Iowa State University which was back then known as college. During the year 1937 to 1942 Atanasoff established techniques to use the vacuum tubes to do numerical digital calculation. In year 1939, Atanasoff started...

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