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History Of Modern Science And Technology

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History of Modern Science and Technology

The Impact of the Microscope
The world we live in today has many complexities that have perplexed mankind for ages. Various great men and women of science have gotten together to try and uncover the mysteries of the world. On their journey there have been instruments and tools invented that would help them further their studies beyond compare. One of the most significant inventions that have helped to further research not only in science but in other areas of work as well would be the invention of the microscope. The invention of the microscope has helped better understand the human body, bacteria, and even something as small as the atom. New discoveries have been made possible with the invention of the microscope which has helped make advances in science, industry, and medicine. The invention of the microscope has changed the course of history and affects the lives of many today which is why it is the most important invention.
In the late 1500s Zacharias Jansen made the first rudimentary microscope and opened the door to the microscopic world. His invention allowed others such as Anton van Leeuwenhoek to improve on his work to build more successful microscopes. Anton van Leeuwenhoek was able to grind different types of glass together to produce a simple microscope that was capable of magnifying objects 270 times their original size (Anton van Leeuwenhoek - History of the compound microscope). With his invention he was able to make remarkable discoveries especially in human anatomy, when he identified the different types of blood cells and spermatozoa. Today he is known as the father of microbiology because of his work identifying bacteria and other microorganisms. These discoveries along with his invention would help future scientists to make new discoveries such as that of the atom, antibiotics, and pasteurization.
Leeuwenhoek’s microscope although it was able to magnify objects 270 times their original size it was still very small, temperamental, and inconvenient to use. Microscopes that are available today are much larger and can be used with greater ease. Leeuwenhoek’s microscope is what we classify today as a simple microscope. It is simple because it only uses one lens to magnify objects. Today, depending on what you would like to observe you can use a specific microscope that will help you to achieve your task. For example, a compound microscope can observe living or non living things and has different objective lenses that can magnify the object 100,000 times its size or more. What if you aren’t interested in looking at microorganisms? A scanning electron microscope can allow you to see objects at a molecular or even atomic level. (Types of Microscopes). The invention of the microscope has changed the course of history in more ways than one, without its invention we wouldn’t have penicillin which was once called “a miracle drug”.
Today antibiotics are used so frequently that...

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