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History Of Presidents. Essay

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The Heroic Posture was a video about our past presidents who were great war heroes. George Washington, William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower were the great men mentioned. All of them served their country in war and leaded the country as presidents. One man in particular I feel was the greatest hero/president of them all his name was George Washington.Ever since George Washington was a young man he was always drawn to the military. He knew he wanted to serve his country and when he got the chance he welcomed it. Washington served as a commander but never considered himself anything more than a citizen. He never thought he was better than anyone that was at a lower rank. He wanted to be a part of his solders and that he did. He knew they were all fighting for the same purpose. Washington very much respected his men and his men very much respected Washington. To the Revolution's last day Washington's troops were tired, starving, and their pay was months overdue. In guiding his troops during year after year defeat to final victory, Washington more than once paid his men out of his own pocket to keep them from going home, Washington earned confidence from early citizens of the United States.Washington was a man of self-motivation and self-strength. He did not rely or depend on others to push him along. He still loved to help out his friends along with the occasional fox hunting with long time friend Dr. James Craik. He was asked to come out of retirement to preside at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. He decided to attend this convention that was offered to him and made such an impression on the men at the convention that he was unanimously voted as president of the United States. He gladly accepted the role even though he knew that it would set precedents for the future. He appointed Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton to his cabinet to set a balance.When President George Washington entered a room he would bow as a way of greeting people. He was very...

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